We’re back!

We just created a new blog last night and somehow we got our blog back!! We will probably post something big and official but thank you all so much for helping us cope with it being gone and welcoming us back on our new one. Looks like we’ll be back on here after all :)


In all seriousness, I’m so thankful that my shitposts™ and edits have been appreciated by the mystic messenger fandom and I’m so happy to be a part of such a unique little community! You all can thank my meme mom @mizudou for dragging me into this otome hell. But it’s a beautiful hell so I thank her dearly. ( ´∀`)☆

I love you all and thanks for all the support!

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Holy crap!!! You guys!! Did you know that Blue had a baby brother named Sprinkles??? Freaking SPRINKLES!?

I’m… I’m about to pass out.. he’s so cute… I.. I have to draw him immediately right now .. according to his wiki hes very shy… We need to protect him..


chuck + the importance of blair/his love for blair.

“I’ll always love you.”