If any of my mutuals would like to trade Christmas cards with me or just want me to send them a Christmas card, please lemme know :))!!! I’ll be reminding again later on since i wanna be ready this year!

What you will get:
-a fun Christmas card i either bought from the thrift shop or the half price bookstore
-a letter from me in my disastrous handwriting
-a lot of glitter added in the envelope because aesthetic is everything
-a set of pictures i have either Old Hollywood or something random
-some of my dog’s shed hairs stuck on the tape who knows

Holy crap!!! You guys!! Did you know that Blue had a baby brother named Sprinkles??? Freaking SPRINKLES!?

I’m… I’m about to pass out.. he’s so cute… I.. I have to draw him immediately right now .. according to his wiki hes very shy… We need to protect him..


chuck + the importance of blair/his love for blair.

“I’ll always love you.”