Some of the food made and blogged about by Kim Seokjin

Please take a look at this spread of food goodness, and then go VOTE FOR JIN to be Cooking King!!

Bread (sort of) “No. If I apply jam, it could still be tasty.”

Smoked Ugly Duckling with Seasoned Chives “Doing this and that, it’s plausible for you to make marinated chives”

STEAK  “ I’m taking a proof shot with a steak I made for the first time and… I wonder who’s going to get married to the steak, and wouldn’t the person to be married to it be so happy? Yes, I think so, they’re going to be really happy.”

Carbonara “Firstly the amount of noodles is heaps..!”

Firm Pumpkin Broccoli Mushroom BeefIndeed today as well, I eat the things I feel like eating.

Bangtan-mu Rice “ Don’t worry even though it looks like this it’ll taste good”

Bangtan Pork “ Well anyways after doing this and that we all ate well”

Rice Cake Soup “This year we’re poor so no meat”

Chicken Titties Fallen and Drowning in Chili Paste-jin (CTFDCP-jin) - “2 hours prior to beginning of practice No one has eaten a meal yet so this is CTFDCP-jin that I’m making now”


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