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My beautiful Dayana' how do you feel after reading the lyrics JB and Youngjae wrote to each other ??? am I *sick" ? of thinking this way? then "prove it? that 2jae is not real ~and did you see how JB was struggling yesterday at the VAPP broadcast when got7 were waiting for the mv to drop out ? all the glances and as you said all the changes in JB's behavior when one of the members touched Youngjae? maybe I'm just wrong? love you ~

Hi beautiful anony <3333

ahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! my cutie 2jae Anony!!!!!!! (smooth smooth, nice, and no i cannot prove it that 2jae isn’t real, because it low key is, just no one knows it yet) I just read the [lyrics to Sick]!!!! my heart! i’m crying (//////^/////) finally Youngjae doing a ballad of his, i love pain, i love crying and i can’t wait to actually hear the song! I have just been busy with an internship & school and work and readings /.\ and i like to hear the songs in order in the album list haha i will get to it tomorrow 

but the lyrics to Sick! Just reading them!! my heart! our poor little sunshine!! he says he doesn’t need to experience moments to write songs about things like this but!!!!!!!!!!! how is he so good??!?!! honestly, Jaebum probably did this to him because you know how Jaebum cheated and lets Jackson flirt with him and he looks at Jinyoungie almost the same way Youngjae does, and i heard Jackbum are still roommates and that means Markjae ;) haha kidding but literally, i can already tell what Jaebum’s Prove it song is about.. Youngjaeeee! just like Mine and Fish were, baibai ヽ( ・∀・)ノ

kidding, i’m still here ^^ and please see this gif [here] Where Jaebum picks “hey” as his favorite song, Youngjae’s song! THE ONE WHERE IT TELLS [Youngjae] HOW BAD THEIR BOYFRIEND [Mark] IS AND HOW IT SHOULD BE [Jaebum] INSTEAD!!!! ooooor, i am just becoming delulu like my cute friend Danielle was when she could talk about this with me before haha oooor! WHERE THE SONG TELLS [Jaebum] HOW BAD THEIR BOYFRIEND [Jinyoung] IS AND HOW IT SHOULD BE [Youngjae]

but  yes yes yes, Jaebum was all smily and then he turns his head toward where Youngjae is, and Youngjae was grabbing Mark’s knee, and JB: “-_-” haha but also! JACKJAE WAS SO CUDDLY AND CUTE THROWING EACH OTHER BACK ONTO THE COUCH!!! and since Jaebum loves Jackjae a lot ^^ he was smiling toward them <3 But yes, Beaver and Otter are cute together, and this feels like the start of the angst is gone, and no longer there and finally they cleared whatever distance they had going on:

koala is back..

Jaebum, enough with the smirk! WE ALL KNOW YOU ARE ENJOYING THIS !

I’m printing this and hanging it on my wall next to all my anime plushies, good night, i had only 3 hours of sleep and that is probably why i’m me right now haha

Love you anony <3333 (つ´∀`)つ Goodnight or good afternoon or goodmorning ^^

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Last Film: An independent horror movie called The Tunnel.

Last Song You Listened To: Undertale OST - Bonetrussle.

Last Show You Watched: I don’t watch TV. Last thing I watched online was an episode of Haikyuu!!

Last Book: Do TV Tropes articles count? I spent a few hours reading the pages for undertale. If not, then I actually can’t recall the last book I read…

Last Food: Soda and chips. :[

If you could be anywhere right now: Visiting Meteor Crater!

Where would you time travel to: I would love to see the Titanic, but I would settle with sailing on the Olympic if I had the choice.

First thing you would do with lottery money: Pay off my loans, put some away for savings and hey, friends! Do you want to money?????

Fictional character you would hang out with for a day: I would probably hang around with Napstablook. We can just lie on the ground all day and feel like trash!

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3, 4, 5, 6, 27, 32 ~color anon

3- favorite movie?

Rise of the Guardians?? that’s the only movie I can think of off the top of my head lmao. I remember I watched it everyday for like a week straight. weird times.

4- favorite song?

probably In Dreams by Ben Howard. I just love it so much I cant describe it

5- favorite color?


6- favorite Tv show?

Steven Universe counts, right?

27- favorite food?

I love pasta!!

32- favorite book?

The Raven Boys oh my god I love everyone in the series its sO GOOD