Meetups / Copley Square

Date:Sunday, October 20th, 2013 (1 year ago)
Time:2:00 pm
vaginaazz1 year ago
must go
luminousmind1 year ago - RSVP'd
Wait how does this even work?!?!
thisblogkillsdubstep1 year ago - Organizer

Alright everyone, slight change of plans, we’re actually gonna be meeting at the same time but on SATURDAY OCTOBER 19th. Just bring yourselves, a positive attitude, and maybe a friend or two! BK and I look forward to meeting all of you!

- C.B.

peanutbutler1 year ago
*^* if i don’t have work i wannagoooooo
angelabray1 year ago
Wish I could make this!!!
xtoro1 year ago
Needs more details. What city, state, and country is this in?
loosetiger1 year ago
It is in Ohio, you can click on the map and zoom out.
you probably want to officially change the date, just saying. I have a meet up next saturday at the starbucks in porter square (should be up soon)
violethe1 year ago
Autumn Party Time?! LOL
thisblogkillsdubstep1 year ago - Organizer

Just a reminder, it’s in Copley Square Boston MA, USA as listed. Unfortunately we couldn’t officially change the date/time, but it will be SATURDAY OCTOBER 19th. BK won’t be able to make it unfortunately, but I’ll be there to greet all of you.

- C.B.

thisblogkillsdubstep1 year ago - Organizer

Keep an eye out for me, I'l be the one with a green day shirt and white sunglasses.

- C.B.