Meetups / starbucks centraal station

Date:Sunday, September 8th, 2013 (1 year ago)
Time:3:00 pm
I might go actually. I’ll rsvp on time if I’ll be able to make it there :)
ishbeth2 years ago
I’m not in the country :’(
be-a-n-y-where2 years ago - Organizer
Awww really ?? and Yay to youknowyouarebelgianwhen :D
There’s one in Oostende on the 18th of august. I had an invitation on fb, but I can’t seem to find it on Tumblr ;s But feel free to come
be-a-n-y-where2 years ago - Organizer
haha that’s too far :p
bisexualcyborg2 years ago
I’m done with resists on the 3rd so I might come
be-a-n-y-where2 years ago - Organizer
zinniamorph2 years ago - RSVP'd
I think I might be there actually… can’t wait to (possibly) meet you again!
be-a-n-y-where2 years ago - Organizer
Oohh yeahh kom kom kom :D
kmoet werken :(
beyond-nature2 years ago - RSVP'd
alle spijtig, op een zondag fwaa ?? :s
earanemith1 year ago
does it matter if I actually don’t know any of you? XD
zinniamorph1 year ago - RSVP'd
of course not! meeting new people ftw c:
be-a-n-y-where1 year ago - Organizer
Indeed of course not, We’re all friends here on tumblr :p so yeah You’re just getting to know us better :D You’re welcome to come
I’m really sorry, but I can’t make it. Apparently we have a family get together that I didn’t know about until yesterday. I wish you all a great time and I hope I’ll meet you some other time :)
be-a-n-y-where1 year ago - Organizer
aaaaww keii spijtigg :s mrja Next time :D ( I’ll organise one later the year so keep checking the list)