Meetups / Federation Square

Date:Saturday, August 24th, 2013 (1 year ago)
Time:12:00 pm
shannaraisnotnormal1 year ago - RSVP'd
Isn’t this when the Fannibal’s meet is…?
piploo1 year ago - RSVP'd
I’ll ask if some other people want to come and spread the word.
can i ask what would be happening during the meetup?
because if i can come with my friends(ninja-llama, tealobjective, etc) this would be my first ever tumblr meetup so.. yeah, i’m a little new; sorry ^^;
cozcat1 year ago - RSVP'd
Hey so there’s a refugee rights rally on at the state library at one and I flat out refuse to miss that (being kind of late is fine as there’ll be speeches for half an hour or so, I assume) so I’ll be maybe trying to get some people along to that from the meetup.
phidifidy1 year ago
ill see if i can come, should be fun!