Meetups / Scottsdale Fashion Square

Date:Saturday, July 27th, 2013 (2 years ago)
Time:3:00 pm
workingtofindmyself2 years ago - RSVP'd
I’ll go! :)
firmament-lament2 years ago - RSVP'd
I wanna go :)
ehomicide2 years ago - RSVP'd
Consider me there :)
ark3nstoned2 years ago - RSVP'd
flylikeacomet2 years ago - RSVP'd
I’m RSVPing because I’m 99% sure I’ll be there, but I’ll let you know if that changes
oldsuicidle2 years ago
HMM i rlly wanna go because i’ve never been to a meetup but
the-radicaledward2 years ago
omg I work at fashion square…. not on saturdays but still awesome :]
throwitintheflames2 years ago - RSVP'd
If I can get a ride I am there!
icionic2 years ago
i want to go but i’m outta town ah :(