Meetups / Market & Beale and ends at Market & 8th Street in downtown San Francisco

mellamancalle2 years ago - RSVP'd
This sounds like a lot of fun =D
I don’t know/follow you but I’m glad to signalboost! :D
kittycatsandmaryjane2 years ago - Organizer
yay! let’s do this!!! even if there is a few of us!! it’ll still be fun! try to bring a blanket or two or something to sit on!! :D so we can watch the Parade in comfort!! I’m not sure where exactly we’ll meet up but I’ll let you know soon!
jessicuuuhhh2 years ago - RSVP'd
kittycatsandmaryjane2 years ago - Organizer
We will be meeting on the corner of Stockton and Market at 11:30am that is the MIDDLE of the Parade rout!!! can’t wait to see you guys there!! I will be wearing a tie dye top and girlfriend will have a flower headband on and we will be holding signs~~~