Meetups / Mall Of America

Date:Saturday, August 17th, 2013 (2 years ago)
Time:3:00 pm
sleepandselfies2 years ago
omg i live in CA :(((((
emulatinq2 years ago - RSVP'd
namerondiaz2 years ago
Ain’t got that type of cash money. shmerp :(
dvoted2 years ago
OMG me and my boyfriend are going up to minnesota in august and we haven’t picked out dates we should come thenn
tropischa2 years ago
why do i live in australia?! -.-
kanyeju2 years ago - RSVP'd
more people !
alalae2 years ago
im coming bby
babble-bitchh2 years ago
Why do i live in Colombia:c?
harshkpoptruths2 years ago
We’ll be in Korea by then :(
So tempted to come, I’m only an hour away!
scumcrumbs2 years ago
WOW :) I :) LIVE :) IN :) CALI :)))))))))
qabalistic2 years ago
i live in Wisconsin… i wanna comeee!!!
Y U LIVE IN ENGLAND ME?! I would come but you know, distance-.-
oxogen2 years ago
if only I was in america…
officialsidebae2 years ago
why cant i live in minnesota?
brethudson2 years ago - RSVP'd
Sweet, this is about an hour away from me. Definitely will be there!
ttigers-jaw2 years ago
Ugh I’m in California :( WHY YOU SO FAR!!
origianally2 years ago
silencenstars2 years ago
FUCK i’ll be in Oregon until the 18th fuck fuck fuck fuck. I live in Bloomington oh my gosh are you kidding meeeeee
till-foreverends2 years ago - RSVP'd
yes so looking foward to this
Your guys’ blogs are all so nice. I feel like if I went, that my blog is not worthy. :(
unrivaledheights2 years ago
Which part of MOA? By the Rotunda area?
priincesssunshine2 years ago
Wish I didn’t live in Oregon. :(
skylarpie2 years ago
Sweet, I only live like 20 minutes from the MOA
I wish, I live in California :(
0oneirataxia2 years ago
i live in minnesota, ill be there (:
descouraged2 years ago
too bad i live in canada -.-
Im all the way in Washington:(
cocain-blues2 years ago
NO i live in england why:(
open-view2 years ago
i live in new zealand :(
deemasworld2 years ago
i wish i could be there :((( lisbon is bit far… …
versacecoffin2 years ago
I wish I could be there. I live in Washington, currently in Oregon. :(
seductinq2 years ago
awww wish i could go. i live in australia :’(
activers2 years ago
Yay i live about 15 minutes away from there:)
oxogen2 years ago
:( I’m in canada.
69shadesofgray2 years ago - Organizer
**IMPORTANT** I can’t edit the details, but we’re meeting at the starbucks next to the Rotunda. I can’t wait to meet you guys(:
livelife-diehard172 years ago
Ugggh I live in NYC I want to come sooo badly but the distance…😭😭😭😨😢
l-ush2 years ago
aw too bad I live in florida :c
b1tch-st4tus2 years ago
I want to come :( but i live in michigan :(
certan2 years ago
Chicago :(
aravenhairedmaiden2 years ago - RSVP'd
Yes I will be there!!!
nineteenthofjune2 years ago
fuq too bad I’m in delaware. :(
ruette2 years ago
Maaaan I have a wedding that day :(
20gaugebackwoods2 years ago
Where in Mall of America? I live In one street away from it :)
I wish I could come but I have to visit relatives that day :(
well I live in Italy… just fuck it! D:
sorvina2 years ago
Why I live in Poland? haha