Meetups / Cruzan Ampitheatre

Date:Saturday, July 27th, 2013 (1 year ago)
Time:11:00 am
maninthegutter2 years ago - Organizer
Hey guys, I’m super stoked to have a meetup.
This will be my first Warped Tour, so I’m exponentially more excited to have fellow bloggers there with me. c:
maninthegutter1 year ago - Organizer
HEY EVERYONE, I GOT AN IDEA. There is a pizza place about 2 blocks from the Amphitheater. Big Al’s Pizza. How about we all meet there, and get some pizza? We could just make our way over to Warped when we finish.c: They open at 11 AM, and we can get some grub, and get to Warped at like 11:30! Let me know what you think
maninthegutter1 year ago - Organizer
Alright, NEW new idea. This is actually going to happen. We are all going to meet at the Dicks Sporting Goods right down the road. The address is 8821 Southern Blvd, West Palm Beach. We’ll all meet there, and then we can traverse our way to the venue. Can’t wait!
maninthegutter1 year ago - Organizer
Hey guys, Tumblr user thesongthatsavedmylife suggested that instead of meeting on the DAY of Warped, we could meet maybe a couple days before or something and meet up! Get some pizza at BIG AL’S MAYBE HUH? What do you guys think?
maninthegutter1 year ago - Organizer
Okay everyone, I am setting the record straight. Everything is getting explained right here. This is the only thing post you should look at in this discussion board. xD We are all going to meet at Dick’s at 10. The address is 8821 Southern Blvd, West Palm Beach. Now, the day BEFORE Warped, July 26th, whoever CAN should meetup at Big Al’s pizza, at 955 Sansburys Way West Palm Beach. I was thinking somewhere between 12-2 PM. That is what is goin’ down. c: See you there!