Meetups / Munn Intramural Field - Michigan State University

Date:Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013 (2 years ago)
Time:6:00 pm
bematthe2 years ago - RSVP'd
Assuming I’m working OT, dying from a migraine, etc., I’ll be around! I’m an alumna, so I’ll be the person who looks slightly out of place ;)
t-paiz2 years ago - RSVP'd
I’m a judge & won’t be arriving at campus in time for this meetup, but if all goes well & another is scheduled, let me know!
alicehermione2 years ago
I can’t make it simply because I will be getting ready to work at this time. My volunteer role will be preparing for opening at this time :(
flashbangflashbang2 years ago - Organizer
aw darn! This time we will schedule other meetups!