Zloty / The Pergola Mall

Data:Saturday, May 11th, 2013 (1 rok temu)
Godzina:11:00 am
t-fair2 lata temu - Wysłano RSVP

This event will serve as an opportunity for Tumblr bloggers to mingle with their readers and fellow bloggers!

Think of it as a grand meet-up; there will be booths, games, presentations and a bazaar.

May 11, 2013 at 2nd Floor The Pergola Mall. SEE YOU THERE!

For inquiries and suggestions, email: tumblrfair2012@gmail.com


I’m coming to the tumblr fair. :) Yay!
missnastassialeslie2 lata temu - Wysłano RSVP
So near meeeeeee. Yeheeeey!
jekadelarosa1 rok temu - Organizator

hey guys!

You can win tumblr fair tickets here

1. misskimkong.tumblr.com/…
2. facebook.com/photo.p…
3. spellchiela.tumblr.com/…

See you guys there! ♥

littlechinesedoll1 rok temu - Wysłano RSVP
SO NEAR~ I’ll be there! :)
how much are the tickets?
siomainisiopau1 rok temu
How much for the tix? :)
raellarinasartbook1 rok temu - Wysłano RSVP
Giving away free tickets here: raellarina.blogspot.com… :))
raellarinasartbook1 rok temu - Wysłano RSVP
And also here: raellarinasartbook.tumb… :D
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