Meetups / city of Fort Collins Municiple Court

Date:Thursday, April 18th, 2013 (2 years ago)
Time:12:30 pm
punkcurmudgeon2 years ago - Organizer

Rape is a horrible crime and it happens much more than we know due to shame of reporting it and how people treat the girls who it happens to.

As many people have learned from watching what happens around the country there really is a “rape culture”, and it lies beneath the surface. We have learned that if we are going to stop this it will be by being LOUD and taking part! India, Stuebenville, CT, Maldives….It must stop!

Please join me and help me say loudly to the courts, predators, the public…END RAPE CULTURE.

Rape is rape and it needs to stop.

In our town 2 men have been accused of rape, and yes they are innocent until proven guilty in the court system. However this is our opinion and the burden of proof is different.

(OPINION: premeditated, violent sexual attacks are not excusable)

We were very disappointed when local newspaper, The Coloradoan, stated that there were 12 supporters for Dennis Hanson at the last court date but did not mention anyone there for the victims.

That will not happen again.

We want to show that our town supports survivors, not predators, and fill the court room with spectators and take part in the trial. Not in a disruptive way, but to show that this is not right and to show that the 12 people supporting these rapists are the minority. Links to the full stories can be found at the bottom.

The first date listed (April 18th) will be Hanson’s disposition hearing set:1:30 p.m.

A second series of dates will start May 13 when Boran Vuckovic goes to a jury trial, with more to follow as announced. #ftcolllinsrape #endRAPEculture

In addition to the rally, please consider writing a letter to the newspapers. “Letter to the Editor” campaign to bring more awareness to the public about rape culture and penalizing predators not victims. The letter could be used to inform the public of “rape culture” and start the conversations to stop it.

We also want to challenge the Fort Collins Police Department and the City Council as to why rape kits are not being processed. If it is a matter of budget they should be ashamed. Rape cases deserve to be followed up on not pushed aside.

If you have any other ideas, please get in touch via email at or leave a comment.

(From Brandi) When Stuebenville came to my attention, I said to my boys, “I know I don’t have to say this but, if you ever see someone who needs help, especially a girl who is being taken advantage of, you are the person who stands up to help…gotta it?”

Links to info:

Police not processing rape kits:…

Cell phone video shown to judge in court, you must ask yourself why take why Viagra and Adderall that night? (pre-mediated crime)…

Boran pleads not guilty despite girls massive blood loss:…

Bartenders arrested and accused of rape…

Read this story from from January 2012 where a girl talks about Dennis Lee Hanson doing exactly what he was arrested for almost a year later. He has been doing this to women for a long time.…