Quedadas / Donald E. Stephens Convention Center (Rosemont)

Fecha:Saturday, August 10th, 2013 (hace 1 año)
Hora:10:00 am
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amberzombiehace 2 años - Asistencia confirmada
I go to Chicago Comic Con every year and i’ve been dying to go to a tumblr meetup. Hopefully more people sign up for this!
cordeliachaseismyqueenhace 2 años - Asistencia confirmada
Awe, yay! :3
wolf-in-geek-clothinghace 1 año - Asistencia confirmada
I was going to comicon any ways on this date meeting all of you is just a plus
rhyth-michace 1 año - Asistencia confirmada
Hopefully I make it! Just moved here a d wanna meet some dope as peeps.
sexgenderbodyhace 1 año - Asistencia confirmada
I won’t be attending the comic-con, so let me know if I can access the meeting space without registering for the con.
lickmypagehace 1 año - Asistencia confirmada
let’s hope people show up.
amberzombiehace 1 año - Asistencia confirmada
You should be able to access the lobby without a ticket. If not maybe we can move the meetup to the lobby of the Hyatt. It’s right next door.
serenityfallinghace 1 año
I would love to go but I wouldn’t be able to get up there till the convention closes :(
keepyourhandinminehace 1 año
i might go with some friends hopefully!!
types-and-shadowshace 1 año
This would be a party!