Meetups / Copernicus Center

Date:Sunday, January 26th, 2014 (1 year ago)
Time:7:00 pm
cristinayang2 years ago - Organizer
kittens-abraham2 years ago
im going to try my hardest to be there! i want to go soo bad but if school gets in the way then i cant go :/
moist-owlet1 year ago - RSVP'd
good thing im a college drop out nothing is in the way from me attending
neutral-narwhal1 year ago
Mmmm possibly. It would be fun… *glimmer in eyes, looks off into distance* COSPLAY
annajsomethin1 year ago - RSVP'd
I just discovered that this was actually a thing, and decided to go. Why the hell not? FELLOW TUMBLERS UNITE!
wolfblood-androsewater1 year ago - RSVP'd
god yes i need more friends in chicago
sexgenderbody1 year ago - RSVP'd
yes! I was travelling for the last one. will be there.
itsallimcdade1 year ago
whos gonna be there, like who is the meet up for?
chiranjibilove1 year ago - RSVP'd
I will try to be there
endlessfootsteqs1 year ago
oh my god i want to go to this so bad..