Treffen / Love Park

Datum:Saturday, April 13th, 2013 (vor 2 jahren)
Zeit:2:00 pm
Treffpunkt:Love Park
nishloVor 2 Jahren
omg i wish but my brothers bday is tha t day
basick22Vor 2 Jahren - Geantwortet
I’m down. See you all there.
cheese4brains69Vor 2 Jahren
lol im always there….see yall there !
whispered-runVor 2 Jahren
Can’t I have work. :(
daydreamhazeVor 2 Jahren
I’m definitely gonna try & make this!
holographicmilkVor 2 Jahren - Geantwortet
I live across the street!
thatchocolatebombshellVor 2 Jahren - Geantwortet
I am so gonna be there can’t wait to see all of you guys
foxoxVor 2 Jahren
I may show up to this… and miiiight bring a handful of fellow tumblrers =3
napalmbrightVor 2 Jahren - Geantwortet
I may come I need more friends in Philly :D
lacoltmalle-tailVor 2 Jahren - Geantwortet
And I now have plans for Saturday afternoon! See you all there!
jennyhero-deletingVor 2 Jahren - Organisator
Sadly guys, I won’t be able to make it today :( I know I have the stickers and stuff and I planned the whole thing, but I did it poorly and made it for a Saturday three weeks before the end of my semester so between working, school work, and having to attend an art show tonight I would only go for about an hour and with train ride time + walking, it’s not even worth it. I hope everyone else still goes and has a wonderful time!