Meetups / Universal Studios

Date:Sunday, April 21st, 2013 (2 years ago)
Time:1:00 pm
starsnwater2 years ago - RSVP'd
I’ll more than likely be working that day. But if y'all drop by Spider-Man I can get you through express. :-)
hellodavia2 years ago - RSVP'd
I might be there!
nevertheh3ro2 years ago - Organizer

We sit on Tumblr and don’t interact? Just kidding. We meet each other and see what cool people we all are outside of Tumblr.

Also, express lines are super helpful! Thank you starsnwater!

stitch-n-time2 years ago - RSVP'd
I’ll be the old fart, but will be there!
nevertheh3ro2 years ago - Organizer
Awesome! See you all there! Unfortunately Tumblr didn’t send me the meet up package so I may pick up stickers to put your names on them beforehand.. or not, haha. We will see. Nonetheless. I’d say let’s meet up by the giant Universal ball and go from there. If I change the location, I’ll let you all know. I’ll make a final post about it tonight. Check the UCF tag!