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Data:Thursday, August 1st, 2013 (há 1 ano)
Horário:12:00 am
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narobeHá 2 anos - Organizador
the exact date will change, but its in august for sure, just could not put in august only!
narobeHá 1 ano - Organizador
i received the meetup kit woooo (◕‿◕✿)
Aww noo I’m in Hungary from the 5th till the 12th probably :c
amsterdamndHá 1 ano
ahhh i dont get back from vacation intill the 16th ofzooo
noblefoxspiritHá 1 ano
Damn… I’m on vacation at that moment :(
rocky-mountainsHá 1 ano
im on vacation till the 17th *cries* really want 2 go thoo
narobeHá 1 ano - Organizador
ill probably do another meetup if this one turns out well! (◠ω◠✿)
bringmsnbackHá 1 ano
Maybe if i’m back!
ddemonioHá 1 ano
I am in vacation in Amsterdam at this date… But I don’t know your language ): if I go will someone talk english with me?
fqnHá 1 ano - Presença confirmada
@i4mx, i’m sure everyone can speak english!
geetkhoslaHá 1 ano - Presença confirmada
This is so amazing - I am a new Tumblr user, and I am really looking forward to talking about Tumblr with you guys! :)
contraosistemaHá 1 ano - Presença confirmada
Nice!! I’m brazilian but I’m living in amsterdam, would be awesome to participate of a dutch meetup!! hope not be working on that day =(
patheticzebraHá 1 ano
this seems like it will be heaps of fun, but im socially awkward so idk
ddemonioHá 1 ano
I’m actually going to Amsterdam from the 3rd July-10th July so yeah can’t go :( too bad
neonletterHá 1 ano
What will we be doing?
narobeHá 1 ano - Organizador
@neonletter check this page narobe.tumblr.com/meetu… :)
ca-pricorneHá 1 ano
i’m in greece the entire month of august fuck nooooooo
niqhtinqaleHá 1 ano
Ugh I probably can’t ):
l0st-woodsHá 1 ano
wait so it wont be august 1st???????????????????????????????????????????????????????
born-with-a-curseHá 1 ano - Presença confirmada
I’m coming to Amsterdam for this! This is so cool!
cigarettesandguitarstringsHá 1 ano - Presença confirmada
i just hope its after the 18th
slutgutHá 1 ano - Presença confirmada
Ik hoop te kunnen komen maar het kan zijn dat ik nog in Dubai zit D:
lilberryjpgHá 1 ano
I’d love to come! In August, a Tumblr friend of mine will maybe come to Amsterdam, so maybe we could come together!
narobeHá 1 ano - Organizador
@rainb0wpoop its not decided yet but it might be on the first of august
@cigarettesandguitarstrings the meetup will probably be before the 15 or on the 15th, im sorry!
@awesomeasirus that would be awesome (◠‿◠✿)
fqnHá 1 ano - Presença confirmada
i say august 1st!!!!
urbxngodHá 1 ano - Presença confirmada
als het aant begin van augustus is kan ik ook nog mee en dan kan perfectionis-t ook komen :) xx
narobeHá 1 ano - Organizador
i think ill plan the meetup on the first of august!
joesephgilgunHá 1 ano - Presença confirmada
Aw, I’m coming back from my trip on the 3rd of August :‘c
narobeHá 1 ano - Organizador
please join this facebook group if you are planning to come: facebook.com/groups/…