Meetup / Kunstbergtuin in Brussels

Data:Wednesday, April 10th, 2013 (2 anni fa)
Orario:1:00 pm
maxdeluxx2 anni fa - Ha risposto
Is it ok if I come later? I have to go to the hospital at 12:00pm :l
cupcakeshit2 anni fa - Organizzatore
It’s ok!
I maybe can’t come to the meet up, because it may be that I’m going on vacation with my girlfriend. I only knew it after I made this meet up. But I don’t know the date yet when we are going. I’ll let you know in time. If I can’t come, then will Kinkylama take the lead alone!
ephemeralised2 anni fa - Ha risposto
I believe I’ll be there… ^^
prisoner-of-my-own-memories2 anni fa - Ha risposto
awesome! :D
dieromantikundweltschmerz2 anni fa - Ha risposto
Probably will come to :D
carrux2 anni fa - Ha risposto
I’m gonna come :D
shersock2 anni fa
Sounds fun! Need to check if I can, though.
wolfvergels2 anni fa - Ha risposto
i’ll be there :d