Buluşmalar / Italian Fountains, Hyde Park

Tarih:Monday, May 6th, 2013 (2 yıl önce)
Saat:12:00 pm
lachlo2 yıl önce
Unfortunately it’ll be during my exams week, but I would have loved to come though! Have lots fun there :D
nezha2 yıl önce
i’ll do my best to be there, ok? i have to save up for the plane ticket first :/
icanbakeyeah2 yıl önce
Is it possible to postpone this to sometime between 8-18? Please?
skingirlellie2 yıl önce
I might have school :c *sobs*
collidewithyoursky2 yıl önce - Katılacağını onayladı
There’s a bank holiday this day so no school :3
tachyglossine2 yıl önce - Organizatör
oh man apparently the link to the post about it is broken so i’m gonna clarify here - this is a birthday gathering i’m having so it’s gonna be a more youtube-crowd than tumblr possibly? but i want as many people to go as possible and y'all can make friends and stuff :)
georgiasayshi2 yıl önce - Katılacağını onayladı
I’m so going
protectionbubble2 yıl önce - Katılacağını onayladı
I’m going:) Is everyone still coming?