Meetup / Stone Creek Lounge

Data:Saturday, May 11th, 2013 (1 anno fa)
Orario:12:00 am
farlvne2 anni fa
12 am is midnight.
ironpaper2 anni fa
Whooohooo! It must be a party!
nerobambino2 anni fa - Ha risposto
nyc all day!!!!!!
Dangit if it’s really at midnight then I can’t >_<
hotdamnitslisa2 anni fa
Midnight dangit I wish I can go
hippiies2 anni fa
why midnight?! can’t it be earlier?!
valerieidk2 anni fa
I wish it wasn’t midnight! :(
Why is it at midnight? Can we get more people to come to this? I don’t want only 10 people to go
leg-muscles2 anni fa
whyyyyy midnight???
djdrenasty2 anni fa
is this for anyone to go to?
teababe272 anni fa
If it wasn’t at midnight, then I’d be able to go.
solemn-writ2 anni fa
ew midnight
yoooo i’ve organised a meet up for the 5th of May at Madison Square Park! Its on the meet up page, everybody should come!! I’m staying in NYC for a month and I wanna meet new people who can show me their non tourist shit version of the city!