Meetup / Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre

Data:Saturday, April 20th, 2013 (2 anni fa)
Orario:10:00 am
s3mpai2 anni fa
I really wanna come.
So i’ll try rock up.
I might come if I can get there, I’ll try x
jehxn2 anni fa - Organizzatore
ahhh that’d be great c:
aphroditesraven2 anni fa
Thats when supanova is on!
magichuenicorn2 anni fa - Ha risposto
Woo! Supanova! Boyfriend and I will be there hopefully!
jehxn2 anni fa - Organizzatore
jehxn2 anni fa - Organizzatore
This just in: Tumblr famous user Lolhellno will be in attendance! Make sure to come along so you can bask in the glory of his internet fame.
purplefridge-archive2 anni fa - Ha risposto
tumblr famous user purplefridge will be there prepare yourselves
finnthehuuman2 anni fa - Ha risposto
hell yeah i’ll go
jehxn2 anni fa - Organizzatore
yay more people!!
ivebeensherlokied2 anni fa - Ha risposto

But what if you’re volunteering and can’t get away to chill with all the other tumblr people!! :(


delphineniehaus2 anni fa - Ha risposto
Totally gonna do my best to come! Will you let us know where abouts we’re gonna meet up exactly closer too?
theobiwanforme2 anni fa - Ha risposto
I’ll be working at Supanova so if any fellow tumblr peeps need any help come find me :D I’ll find something specific to wear so you guys can notice me… I’ll also up date to let you know what it is haha
lustyargonianwarrior2 anni fa - Ha risposto
Oh boy… I’m gonna endeavor to get to this.
jehxn2 anni fa - Organizzatore
I’ll be giving everyone who RSVP’s my number via ask box! That way I can let y'all know what’s gonna happen and where we’re gonna meet. :D
voluptuousbooty2 anni fa - Ha risposto
get prepared for a (probably) spectacular beastbutt cosplay and also dead pirate tav maybe cause tumblr user voluptuousbooty will be there
tuxedomask32 anni fa - Ha risposto
I’m so excited for this! Been doing nova for a couple of years now, but I’ve missed the meetups every time
second-priority2 anni fa
ahhhhh i’m from the gold coast but i probably won’t even go cos i don’t leave ever
pukelouis2 anni fa
lazarus-james2 anni fa - Ha risposto
Damn, I hope I find you guys. XD
cryforce2 anni fa - Ha risposto
i SUPPOSE I can make an appearance…. *hairflip* yeah im really excite for this oke
arc-reactor2 anni fa - Ha risposto
As long as my parents give the OK, I’ll be there.
ivebeensherlokied2 anni fa - Ha risposto
Okay this convention starts tomorrow night!! All the volunteers should have their timetables by then (which includes me and two other people as far as I know on this invitee list). So from our timetable, we’ll know if we can make it to the meet-up at 10am or not :)