Encontros / The Dome

Data:Saturday, June 22nd, 2013 (há 2 anos)
Hora:11:30 am
Local: The Dome
imsarcasticyesHá 2 anos - Presença confirmada
Any whovians???
theadventuresofkodpieceHá 2 anos - Organizador
I am a multi fandom, this is during Supanova so there’s bound to be Whovians around.
sp-oonsHá 2 anos - Presença confirmada
I’m going, i’m a whovian! :3
theadventuresofkodpieceHá 2 anos - Organizador
So anyone wondering where the meetups will be, if it’s raining on the weekend we will be meeting in the foyer, I will have a big sign that says tumblr meetup here! However if it isn’t raining we will be meeting in the park across from the dome, but if I am free Me or Someone else will be walking around with a sign that says tumblr meetup about an hour before the meetup time. So if you see us just come up and ask us any questions. The only reason I won’t be walking around is if I am waiting in photo or autograph lines. But if you see me at any time feel free to come and ask me questions. I’ll be dressed as hipsterMerlin
groot-is-cuteHá 2 anos - Presença confirmada
I am going all by myself to supanova so I am definitely going to go to this so I’m not all loner haha :D
ferrerochellHá 2 anos
Are tickets still available to supernova?
theadventuresofkodpieceHá 2 anos - Organizador
Yeah the day and weekend tickets are still available, I am not sure any of the VIP because there are limited numbers on how many they sell, but if you check the Supanova website they will have more info
d4r1aHá 2 anos
any adventure time fans and/or cosplayers going?
thekiraleeHá 2 anos
Is there anyone that’s going to this that can let me stay with them for a few days? Pretty please? I’m from Melbourne and I do NOT know my way around Sydney. I mean, I’ve been to nova before about 6 times but only in Melb and Brisbane :s In return I’ll give you a place to stay in Melbourne if you ever want to come down?? I’ll also love you forever even if you don’t want me to *crosses fingers*
thekiraleeHá 2 anos
Can people at least say ‘no’ so I know you saw my post? haha..hah… sigh
theadventuresofkodpieceHá 2 anos - Organizador
My house is pretty full up and I still live with my parents, but I hope someone else can.
badtuesdayHá 2 anos - Presença confirmada
ashes-for-dayzHá 2 anos - Presença confirmada
I’ve got many fandoms such as Transformers, jeff the killer, black butler also i’m a hiddlestoner! and part of loki’s army! if you want to say hi i’m dressed as Jeff the killer
inspector-snugglesHá 2 anos - Presença confirmada
Merlin fans? Flying up from Melbourne in a few hours :D I will be on the look-out for you, theadventuresofkodpiece! Not cosplaying, but up for friendly chats with folk from tumblr - tall, fat, bright red shortish hair. Most likely with a rolly red suitcase. <3