Encontros / Lake Burien park

Data:Saturday, March 23rd, 2013 (há 2 anos)
Hora:2:00 pm
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corner-hobbitHá 2 anos
oooh i hope i can problem is the next day i leave for london XD
justvlittleHá 2 anos
Hmmm I’ve never been to this area, I’ve only lived in Washington a couple of months, but I’ll try and make it!
ill see if i can get there. might be busy getting ready for the Sakura-con!
NVM as it turns out. its far away for me.
fothermuckedHá 2 anos - Presença confirmada
Im totally coming for this one (:
f1oricu1tureHá 2 anos
I’m going to try! (=
nlynnkHá 2 anos
yea that’s happenin