Rencontres / Under the Castle in Disneyland

DateTuesday, December 31st, 2013 (il y a 1 an)
Heure12:00 pm
phucoughil y a 2 ans
This sounds awesome but Disneyland is so expensive
Sounds fun but I’ll need to save up my money :)
floating-lights-and-tardisesil y a 2 ans - Sera présent(e)
YES! :D I’ll be living in Anaheim by then and working at Disneyland so I’ll definitely be there! ;P
roflmonkeyzil y a 1 an - Sera présent(e)
I’ll be working there too!
oubelil y a 1 an
Hopefully I’ll have my pass by then!!!!!
virtualorgasmsil y a 1 an - Sera présent(e)
I’ll have to save <3
hanntaroil y a 1 an - Sera présent(e)
lol omg id love to go! but way too expensive :’( unless I could get a hookup from someone :P