Meetups / Leeds Train Station South Concourse Meeting Point

Date:Friday, April 5th, 2013 (2 years ago)
Time:12:00 pm
fatsoforgetso2 years ago
I shall be there. In what state I shall be, who knows. Still there’s always the Copper Kettle or the Wetherspoons pub to imbue myself…
anvilandweight2 years ago - Organizer
Holy shit people are actually coming, should be good guys!
anvilandweight2 years ago - Organizer
Js but no over 18s please, dont want like loads of random adults turning up, sorry!
anvilandweight2 years ago - Organizer
It’s a tumblr fucking meetup, something associated with Tumblr, if you dont like meet ups then why the fuck are you here?..
jesusismyvirtu32 years ago
Just to ask, can anyone come? I’m not the most experienced with tumblr,but I love it!
anvilandweight2 years ago - Organizer
Yes:)) but I said no over 18s cos I dont want loads of like adults there, but I can make exceptions if we talk:)
loosest2 years ago
I’m not coming, but considering this is a public meetup you kinda can’t stop >18 tumblr users showing up, and if they do show up, what you going to do about it though?
anvilandweight2 years ago - Organizer
If you’re not coming then why are you here?:L I’m saying no over 18s so that people know I would prefer it if it was under 18s, it’s not exactly a rule, just a preference haha, but I still dont see why you’re here if you’re not coming?
psyche--revived2 years ago - RSVP'd
i’ll come, why not i don’t have any plans :)
anvilandweight2 years ago - Organizer
Well I dont know anyone either, please come, I want everyone who wants to come to come, trust me I have no friends so I’d take any chance to meet tumblr people:)
anvilandweight2 years ago - Organizer
Well this failed pmsl