Treffen / College Green

Datum:Friday, April 5th, 2013 (vor 2 jahren)
Zeit:12:00 am
Treffpunkt:College Green
Adresse:Park Street
sposhmanVor 2 Jahren - Organisator
5th or 6th guys?
flameozoshmanVor 2 Jahren
6th is a saturday so wouldn’t that be better?
Don’t you think midnight is a bit of an odd time to have it?
megandeppVor 2 Jahren - Geantwortet
6th because its a Saturday?
sposhmanVor 2 Jahren - Organisator

i wont be in bristol on the 5th or 6th so PLEASE DONT TURN UP!

it will be on the 13th at 1pm meet in front of the Marriott by the statue… message me if you have any problems/want to know more etc x

nerobambinoVor 2 Jahren
is this in Bristol, Connecticut?
eatdynamite-kidVor 2 Jahren - Geantwortet
What date is it ?
runtothesunsetVor 2 Jahren
is this still going on orr?