Zloty / Alcove North of the North Doors, Javit Convention Centre, New York, New York

actorswithactionfigures2 lata temu - Organizator
This meetup is scheduled to coincide with the New York Comic Con 2013. The outdoor alcove beside the North entrances of the Javit Convention Centre provides some shelter & a great place to have pictures taken. In case of rain (hasn’t happened for the 2 years I have been going to NYCC but stranger things have happened), we will make alternative arrangements!
freshprinceofgothamcity2 lata temu - Wysłano RSVP
Oh man, this sounds like so much fun! Everyone has always been hoping for a Tumblr-meet up.. I’m so glad it’s at the con. I’ve been attending for the past four years. :’)
ihateish2 lata temu - Wysłano RSVP
if you need anyhelp setting up or anything like that, im here
actorswithactionfigures2 lata temu - Organizator

I might need more stickers & name tags :P

menace0132 lata temu - Wysłano RSVP
Yes! This is what I was hoping would be done at a con. I will def be there once again.
u-lost-the-game2 lata temu
Wow c:
actorswithactionfigures2 lata temu - Organizator
NYCC tix went on sale today. FYI - showclix.com/event/3… (Special VIP pass already sold out)
actorswithactionfigures2 lata temu - Organizator
Four-day tix sold out. Three-day tix on sale later this spring. Did everyone get their tix yet?
whereismydoctorr1 rok temu
Not to jynx but these at NYCC/NYAF never seem to work out… 3days go online the 15th.
On the other side [outside] of where the walking dead poster was last year is a good place also a good place “depending” if many souls show up….] Speakin from experience that security asked us to move. [dw meetup]
actorswithactionfigures1 rok temu - Organizator

@whereismydoctorr - ^^ “3days go online the 15th” - huh?!

I will post pix of the convention layout / maps when we get closer to the October 12th meet up date, here –> actorswithactionfigures…

actorswithactionfigures1 rok temu - Organizator
3-day tickets go on sale today! $65 clams –> newyorkcomiccon.com/Buy…
actorswithactionfigures1 rok temu - Organizator
Single day tickets go on sale June 19 Wednesday –> newyorkcomiccon.com/Buy…
theagould1 rok temu - Wysłano RSVP
actorswithactionfigures1 rok temu - Organizator
Something I’ve learnt from another meet-up: schedule the meetup’s date / time on the convention’s schedule! So, the date / time may change based on what’s going on when NYCC releases their panel / signing schedule, so no one misses out on cool stuff ! FYI - keep watching these pages: (tumblr.com/meetup/…) + (actorswithactionfigures…)
actorswithactionfigures1 rok temu - Organizator
NYCC tix for Saturday and Kids passes have sold out. You might be able to buy passes from select local retailers (newyorkcomiccon.com/Buy…). NYCC passes will probably NOT be sold on-site, as passes were sold out before the show started last year. FYI - the meetup will occur OUTSIDE of the convention centre so you do not need to have a pass to attend this Tumblr meet up. As well, you do not have to like actors nor action figures to attend xP
teababe271 rok temu
I will try my very best to attend because I will try to go to NYCC.
actorswithactionfigures1 rok temu - Organizator
Only tix left are Thurs + Fri … newyorkcomiccon.com/Buy… #FYI
surrenderyoursodas1 rok temu - Wysłano RSVP
I’ll try and stop by but I can’t make any promises if this interferes with a chance to meet John Barrowman. D:
actorswithactionfigures1 rok temu - Organizator
The New York Comic Con schedule won’t get posted up until September 17th. After that date, the exact date / time for the meet up will be finalized & I’ll let everyone know what it is. Thanks!
actorswithactionfigures1 rok temu - Organizator
The panel schedule is now up: nycc13.mapyourshow.com/…
liquidflower1 rok temu - Wysłano RSVP
Might Come :)
actorswithactionfigures1 rok temu - Organizator
Unless someone has a huge objection to the current Meetup date / time of Saturday October 12, 12pm outside the Javit Centre, that’s what it’s gonna be :) If there’s a panel / event conflict please let me know. Thanks!
actorswithactionfigures1 rok temu - Organizator
Looks like it might RAIN Saturday this weekend :( And the meet-up is outside. Any alternatives people might want to bring up? I’ll send everyone an email tonight w/ updates & location alternate possibilities. Thanks!
randomthings1231 rok temu - Wysłano RSVP
This is gonna conflict with the Assassin’s Creed meetup, but I’ll try my best to be there!
actorswithactionfigures1 rok temu - Organizator
It’s GORGEOUS out today! See you guys at 12 noon :D