Bijeenkomsten / a hotel near the San Diego convention centre not sure which one yet want to consult with those who are coming.

beigegoth2 jaar geleden - ge-RSVP'd
What always happens at meetups? haha
justvlittle2 jaar geleden - ge-RSVP'd
I’m down, my boyfriend and I always go to San Diego, specifically the Ocean Beach area, during the summer. So this would be a blast! :D <3
eternalvirgin2 jaar geleden - ge-RSVP'd
I’m SSSOOOO excited! YAY! :)
roosco2 jaar geleden - ge-RSVP'd
i have never attended a meetup before. this should be interesting for sure.
soloweirdo2 jaar geleden
I think this is during Comic-Con
sassyb3otch2 jaar geleden - ge-RSVP'd
omg im excited
petesuh2 jaar geleden - ge-RSVP'd
What do you do at meet ups lol
stephaniefuckingchavez2 jaar geleden
what if i go and nobody i follow is there and everyone is lame as shit?
fl-oreli2 jaar geleden
i’m going to be in san diego on the 25th! :( i really wanted to come!
darkband2 jaar geleden - ge-RSVP'd
Did we decide on a hotel and an actual time because midnight seems to be kind of impractical
darkband2 jaar geleden - ge-RSVP'd
Seriously this is in four days we need a place to meet up
leifstone2 jaar geleden
Are you all really going to this? I live in SD and wanna meet some LESBIAN singles… I hope this is on.