Some do’s and don’ts

Don’t add texture to the logo.

We know, you’ve got these beautiful glossy buttons that you’re super proud of, but please don’t add any texture to our logo.

Don’t try to recreate the logo using a font.

We’re giving you files, dude! What are you even doing? Just use the files we’re giving you. They're free.

Don’t add or remove the period.

The little "t" logo should never have a period. The full "tumblr." logo should never be without.

If you like, change the container.

Use whatever shape you like, within reason, just make sure to have enough padding inside of it.

Go ahead and play with the color.

We generally prefer that you use our blue (#35465c), but understand that you might want to coordinate the logo with a custom color palette. Go ahead.

Feel free to drop it onto pictures.

The transparent versions of our logo look great over photographs. Try it out.

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