We are not currently offering internships at this time.


Do real work.

By the time you leave, we want you to be able to point to something on Tumblr and say “I did that.”

Get mentored.

Every intern has a mentor. They’ll be your beacon of guidance and support.

Earn a stipend.

You’re doing real, honest-to-goodness work for us. It’s only fair that we compensate you appropriately.

Have fun.

You’re young and beautiful. We’ll make the most out of that.

Take it from an intern

“Working at Tumblr has been educational, interesting, and above all, phenomenally fun.”
Brendan, Engineering Intern
“Taking the leap and applying was the best decision I’ve ever made.”
Jessica, Media Strategy Intern
“Tumblr fosters the kind of work environment that makes me excited to wake up in the morning and go to work, and interns actually get the chance to make an impact on the company.”
Cherokee, Community Intern


Build, deploy, occasionally revert.


Form and function and polish.


Get the word out about this place.

Extra goodies

Who’s Eligible

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