Connecting to Twitter

How do I connect my Twitter and Tumblr accounts?

  1. Click Settings (the gear icon) at the top of your Dashboard.
  2. Click the blog you want to connect to your Twitter feed.
  3. In the Twitter section, check the box that says “Share posts on your Twitter.”
  4. Click “Sign in with Twitter,” then enter your Twitter credentials and “Authorize app.”
  5. After connecting to Twitter, be sure to hit “Save” on your blog settings page.

Can I choose to share only some of my posts?

Yes, you can toggle tweeting on and off by clicking the blue Twitter bird on the post form.

Can I edit the tweet before publishing my post?

Yep! Just hover over the Twitter bird to open the text field. Be sure to leave a space between the last character of your tweet and the [URL] or else the link will get messed up.

How do I show my recent Tweets on my Tumblr blog?

First you’ll need to install a theme that supports the Twitter widget, like the Default blog theme for example. Next, make sure your Twitter and Tumblr accounts are connected by following the instructions above. Finally, configure your theme settings at


Can I control how my Tumblr content looks on Twitter?

No, there is no way to control how your Tumblr posts look on Twitter, so a tweet may or may not have an image preview attached.

Why are my tweets not showing up in my Twitter feed?

Tweeting might be delayed at times due to network issues. Also, make sure the Twitter icon is blue when creating a new post. If it’s gray, that means you’ve turned off tweeting for that specific post.

What if I’m having trouble connecting to Twitter?

We recommend removing the Tumblr application then re-connecting. Go to and click “Revoke access” next to Tumblr, then complete the connection steps above. If that doesn’t help, make sure you’ve enabled pop-ups on your browser.