Featured Tags FAQ

Tag your posts and track the tags you’re interested in. If your posts are worth highlighting, our Tag Editors and TumblrBot will find you. To learn more about tagging posts, visit our handy help document.

You'll see a note on the post along with a blue tag at the bottom of the post on your Dashboard.

Top Contributors are bloggers who’ve had their posts repeatedly selected by Tag Editors.

Tag Editors

What are Tag Editors?

Tag Editors keep an eye out for great posts and mark the best ones for inclusion in our featured tag pages.

How are Tag Editors selected?

Once a tag hits critical mass and there’s positive response from the community, TumblrBot starts looking for Editors based on who’s posting what and how fantastic their posts are.

How long does an editorship last?

Tag Editors serve terms of up to 60 days. Great editors who successfully complete their terms may be invited back after a 60-day waiting period.


Why aren’t certain tags featured?

Currently, we select tags based on activity within the community as a whole. You can search for a specific tag via the “Search Tags” box on the right side of your Dashboard, or visit tumblr.com/tagged/___ (replace ___ with whatever you’re searching for). We frequently add new featured tags, so stay tuned.

What's the Explore page?

The Explore page reflects the diverse and awesome stuff that users are creating, and it’s a great place to check out some of the most popular Tags on Tumblr. The carousel on top streams featured posts in realtime. The list below features tags with lots of activity and feedback. (Hint: the lightning bolt highlights new and trending tags!)

What happened to the Directory?

After listening to your feedback, we’ve replaced the Directory (which showcased blogs) with the Explore page (which highlights amazing posts). Many blogs can’t necessarily be categorized, so Explore is an even better way to find new blogs and posts about whatever you’re interested in.