Acceptable Advertising Policy

Acceptable Content

Tumblr is visited by millions of people around the world, each with his or her own culture, background, and point of view concerning appropriate content. While we strive to promote a free and open discussion online, content that falls into the following categories won’t be approved to run as Sponsored Posts. All posts are subject to Tumblr’s approval.

  • Sexually-explicit or NSFW content.
  • Content related to death.
  • Offensive slang or religious alignments.
  • Content related to drugs or alcohol.

Content Ownership

You are responsible for the content you post on Tumblr, whether used in paid advertising or not, and should secure the appropriate licenses and clearances (e.g., copyright licenses, rights of publicity clearances for celebrities, trademark licenses, etc). Note also that you have all of the same legal responsibilities inherent in other paid advertising channels (rights clearances, endorsements, etc.) for Sponsored Posts.

Pharmaceutical Advertising Policy

Pharmaceutical advertisers must obtain advance approval for any creative to run as a Sponsored Post. We hold our users in the highest regard, and reserve the right to disapprove of any content that may conflict with this sensitivity.