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Restless sleep, the mind's in turmoilOne nightmare ends, another fertileIt's getting to me, so scared to sleepBut scared to wake now, in too deep

There’s something so very subtextual about this..... (I took the liberty of getting the book Zemo is reading in the Power Broker’s table of contents.... it’s the book Das Nein in der Liebe: Abgrenzung und Hingabe in ser erotischen Beziehung (How to Say No to The One You Love: Demarcation & Devotion in the Erotic Relationship) and took the liberty of translating the header to find where he’s reading in this book and it’s very interesting! I highlighted in green and translated 👀 you’re welcome! Something very subtextual about him reading this and holding Bucky’s book 😳 he’s at the end of ‘Same Sex Fantasies in Heterosexuals’ and the beginning of The Overt No in Love. 😉 just very interesting considering he hates supersoldiers except Bucky and I imagine it goes against his values about supersoldiers. 😉

Here’s the book cover and screencap:

Oh my Zemo 😉 ehe

UPDATE!! This is really interesting read first off. Zemo just was done reading this part with Bucky’s notebook tucked in. This chapter ending actually mentions Leonardo da Vinci being gay ahaha and the other book Zemo has in his cells (one Bucky gives this book to hide the keycard and then the other in the raft he’s hugging it in the end.) It’s Fortune is a River about the team up of Da Vinci and Machiavelli! Very interesting!! 👀 oh my zemo indeed!!


“i was being a total self-pitying idiot”

“oh i didn’t say it :)”

“you didn’t have to :) <333 💕💗💗💞💖💓💘💌💌💌💌💟👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨🫶🏻🏳️‍🌈❤️‍🩹”

joyce and suzie keeping letters from hopper and dustin because they love them

lucas keeping max's letter but telling her that he doesn't need one because he loves her

meanwhile, mike crumbling el's letters because he loves her so much 😍

finn wolfhard and noah schnapp are going to walk into the writers room during s5, sit the duffer brothers down, and say “we want to make history”.

I’m so fucking sick and tired of the homophobes in the stranger things fandom assuming that Mike would be disgusted by Will’s undying, unconditional, genuine and pure LOVE for HIM.

THIS IS MIKE LOOKING AT WILL. Do you not see how Mike shines around Will? Mike looks at Will so adoringly, Mike adores Will so much and he would NEVER be disgusted if Will told him that he’s in love with him.

I can’t even imagine Mike looking at Will with hatred or disgust. Because that’s just not possible. Mike has told Will how much he means to him by just saying that Hawkins wasn’t the same without him. And how he feels like he’s losing Will… again.

If Mike were to hate Will for loving him, he would definitely lose Will for good… Do you think Mike would want to lose Will again and for good??? OF COURSE NOT. He literally HATES the thought of losing Will.

Remember how Mike reacted to the painting??? That boy was breathless and glowing and all because of Will.

I feel like if Mike knew that the painting was all from Will. (The meaning, confession, and love behind it.) his world would stop and he would have no choice but to go to Will, and hug him while never ever wanting to let him go.

I don’t know about you guys, but THAT painting is the key and the biggest hint for me for Mike reciprocating that same love that Will shows.

That HEART on Mike’s shield is a very BIG hint to me. Mike being the heart to Will, will never change and I’m pretty sure that, to Mike, WILL is the heart to him.

Mike wants to feel needed and Will needs him.

Will thinks Mike won’t ever love him, but he does.

They both love and need each other.

Just please acknowledge the importance of the chemistry between these two characters. Because TRUST ME, you’re going to feel so over the moon after season 5. I’m talking about, ENDGAME.

I just want to point out that while looking for Byler moments to make gifs of, pre-season 4 is like 90 percent Mike because he's the one always looking at Will in That Way™️.


I just know when Byler endgame is confirmed next season, the Melvins are gonna cry “omg Bylers forced the writers to canonize their crack ship because they kept trending stuff on Twitter” or some shit and I’m gonna be mad. No hun your ship is the ones that’s been forced since season one. Get over it already.

I know I posted about this before but I can't get over Mike's face here after Will finally made eye contact with him at Rink O Mania (for Mike's sake, we're ignoring that Will looks cold as ice). Mike looks so happy and relieved. His crops are watered, his skin is clear. His jaw is unclenched, his eyebrows are relaxed. Like he never looks like this.

Is this even still Mike Wheeler??? Where is the disgusted grimace? Where are the hollowed out cheeks?

Vanished within the blink of a second after being able to make eye contact with Will for .01 seconds.

Your name is a leaking faucet
constantly in the back of my mind.
It’s unsettling, harrowing, yet calm,
asking over and over,
What if?
What if?
What if?
- October Grae
A poem I wrote when I liked a boy. I thought it fit for Byler.

Slim Jim “shipping” byler is pure fucking evil. I wish companies never got access to social media the world would be a better place

@byernation while it might seem nice to have a company bringing up the ship and giving it more attention, at its core it’s a marketing ploy, and a nasty one at that. Them playing friendly with shippers (this goes for all companies who interact with regular people btw) is just a way to expose their brand while also subconsciously prompting you to buy their product. They’re trying to establish some sort of parasocial relationship so you feel more obligated to buy their product because wow look they ship what you ship! So relatable! But because this is a queer ship they are ultimately attempting to profit off of queer people. So yeah it’s nasty and evil and gross. And you might think you won’t fall for it, and perhaps you won’t idk not everyone does, but having that connotation with the brand will definitely influence some people towards their products.

Also everyone posting about them like “haha silly slim jim ships byler too” is doing free marketing for them. They don’t even have to pay you and you’re talking about their company and putting their name out there.

Idk if this makes sense or if I’m expressing myself correctly but yeah. Also let me clarify this isn’t talking about you directly!!! This is just in general what companies are attempting when they do this thing

But for me I don’t honestly care coz it gets byler out there in the mainstream so I don’t mind them doing that lol coz I love it’s so mainstream now! I been here since s2 so I’m just happy it’s getting acknowledgment even if it means really nothing. AHJSJS


Milkvans are allowed to ship Milkvan. I don’t give a shit. The reason I HATE MILKVANS is because they say shit like “nobody was gay in the 80s” and “Shut up (insert slur)” like stfu you don’t have to be homophobic just because you don’t like byler.

isn’t it interesting how mike is framed directly in front of the blue door

while will is framed in front of his yellow wall? 💙💛

blue meets yellow in the west 😌



tbh it could be two things: either Mike is scared that Will has feelings for him, because ✨internalized homophobia✨ and he’s suspecting something , or he’s jealous because he thinks it really is for some girl (like El said) it’s definitely the second one BECAUSE HES THE DEFINITION OF OBLIVIOUS