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My name is Zaire. I have watched as He made the Earth, sang His praises, looked on as He brought forth rivers and oceans, grasses and trees... and then came Man. He brought forth Adam from 7 handfuls of dust, and from him He made Eve. Then came the Fall. And here we begin... Independent OC RP Account Fandom Neutral All Welcome Tracking: zairemalak

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Anonymous asked:

Do you want to snuggle and smooch a big fluffy cat?

“Whilst that would be nice, I find myself more inclined toward dogs.”


i am not immune to the "character's eyes glow when they use their powers" trope


i have this disease that makes me find it hot as fuck when a character's eyes glow as a warning when they're really angry or upset and about to use every last shred their power to absolutely waste the shit out of the target of their rage it's called having excellent taste

Anonymous asked:

How do you feel about Dennis these days?

“A strange question to ask, but I suppose it’s no secret that we’ve had some ups and downs lately. But my feelings toward Dennis have never changed, it was only circumstantial troubles and we are working together to overcome them. Something which means a great deal more than I have words to describe.

I love him, it’s as simple as that.”


I don’t think anything quite gets me like ‘grieving character starts wearing something of their dead loved ones,’ particularly if the clothing/jewelry/object/weapon was something that sorta trademarked that other character. It’s like the character is gone but you can still visually see their memory living on through those that loved them. It just hits so hard.

Anonymous asked:

“Have you ever drank a vampire’s blood? Just for fun. As a treat. They’re always taking blood from other folks, it’s about time we start taking it from them too.”

"Just because they're doing so doesn't mean every other being has to join in. If they jumped off a cliff, would you follow? But to answer your question... I wouldn't call it drinking necessarily, taste testing perhaps. It was no more than a lick."

What do you do when God puts his hands on the table, / pink-red palms / asking for forgiveness?
What happens to forgiveness when God is your father / and you discover he’s just a man with two hands—

B: William Bearhart, from At The Dinner Table With God And My Father

having ocs is like she's my daughter. she's my power fantasy. i'm giving her everything i hate about my personality. she's a war criminal. she's never done anything wrong in her life ever. i love her. i hate her. i'm making her life miserable. who did this to her. she's unlikeable but everyone should like her. she's baby. she does cocaine in the bathroom

you know what dad? maybe i don't wanna be the saviour of the broken, the beaten and the damned. it's a lot of pressure to put on me and honestly i've been feeling stressed recently because of it

hold on lemme google something

Anonymous asked:

What do you think of vampires and their drama? The ones mentioned in those autobiographies have so much angst. Lestat’s fun but the rest of them? They need to chill and mayhaps see a therapist or take a nice long nap for several decades.

“I can’t say that I have a great deal of thought on what vampires do with their time, or what they choose to have various emotional crisis about.

Admittedly, I’ve had my fun tormenting one or two. Catholic guilt is a funny old thing.

But I do agree that a therapist would probably be beneficial.”