How to use dark mode on any website on mobile and computer
How to use dark mode on any website on mobile and computer If you are fond of dark mode, you may find websites on your PC or cell phone that do not have this feature. That is why the extension and app we show you in this article solve all these problems. Although some people are not convinced about the dark mode, it is designed for those who spend many hours in front of the computer, resulting in the effect on the eyes. It is not only aesthetic, it also has a function. This is why many websites have a so-called "dark mode," which changes the color scheme of the site to black or dark gray. Most computers and smartphones also have this option.. For example, Google recently tested a darker mode on its website, changing dark gray to all black. In addition, the tones of previously visited links and pages are adjusted to create greater contrast. Microsoft also took this step not long ago and included it in the popular Microsoft Word web application. If you are convinced that this might be a good solution for you, we will show you how to enable it on any website, both mobile and desktop. You can view most websites in dark mode using a browser extension or smartphone application. It is called Dark Reader and allows you to change the colors of any page. We can install it as a browser extension. It is available for Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Microsoft Edge. Just go to the official website and you can use it without major problems. In some browsers, such as Firefox, you can also change the brightness, contrast, sepia color and grayscale of the dark mode. You can also set the dark mode to work only on certain websites. On mobile devices, it is quite simple: there is an app and we provide the link to download it for both iPhone and Android. If you are an Android user, you will have to download Firefox to use the Dark Reader extension, as it is not compatible with Chrome on Android. via Your Positive Self - Articles and Features June 30, 2022 at 12:13AM
Xiaomi 12S Ultra might be the phone with the greatest camera of the year
Xiaomi 12S Ultra might be the phone with the greatest camera of the year In a few days, Xiaomi has prepared an event in China to present a large number of smartphones. These belong to the 12S series, which has more advanced performance and cameras than the 12. Today it was confirmed that the Xiaomi 12S Ultra will be present at the event as well as the camera that it will include. Knowing these two data, we can expect that this Xiaomi phone could have the best camera mobile phone of the year. Xiaomi 12S Ultra The company will be hiring Leica, the brand that signed on to Huawei's portable cameras until recently. Xiaomi has published a poster where two things are revealed: that the Xiaomi 12S Ultra will be presented on July 4 and that it will feature the new Sony IMX989. This device was leaked several months ago and will come as one of the hottest bets in the entire mobile scene for 2022. The sensor that Xiaomi has included in this device is not only special because it has 50 megapixels, but also because of its size. It has one inch and all of Sony's most advanced technologies inside. The capabilities that Xiaomi and Leica can get from this sensor may leave us speechless. One of the limitations of portable cameras has always been the size of the sensors. It needs to be small to fit into a smartphone, so its quality is affected by this barrier. With this huge increase in volume we can see a huge jump in quality. The camera we are talking about will only be present in the most advanced model of the trio of Xiaomi 12S, Xiaomi 12S Pro and Xiaomi 12S Ultra. Only the IMX989 sensor will be in the latter.  Xiaomi and Leica have their hands on making the best portable camera of 2022 right now. Whether or not they will succeed is something we can't know right now. We'll have to wait for the presentation and tests. via Your Positive Self - Articles and Features June 29, 2022 at 12:30PM
10 Personality Development Tips for Teenage Girls
10 Personality Development Tips for Teenage Girls Do you remember being a teenager? If so, then you probably also recall all of the mood swings and uncertainty that came with that age. It's an exciting time for your daughter, one in which she will continue to grow into her own person and discover who she is as an individual. In order to help your daughter through this period, it's important that you give her the tools she needs to develop into a well-rounded adult. Here are 10 personality development tips for teenage girls. Be yourself This is the first step towards becoming a better version of yourself. If you're trying to be someone you're not, you'll never find happiness. Instead, you may end up feeling lost and confused about who you are. Focus on being yourself and you'll feel more confident and secure in your skin. This will also help you to know what you want in relationships and friendships. If you're trying to be someone else, you won't know what you truly want or need. While it's important to have some basic standards and boundaries, there's no need to fit into a certain box. Let your genuine self lead the way. Don't compare yourself to others There are many different paths to adulthood, and everyone goes through it differently. You're going to find that it's easy to compare yourself to other people as you enter puberty. However, this is a bad idea and it can lead to low self-esteem and self-doubt. Instead of comparing yourself to other people, determine what your strengths and weaknesses are and focus on improving those things. It's important to remember that everyone is at different points in their lives. Some people may be younger than you, and others may be older. Some people may be at the same point as you, and others may be more advanced. Don't compare yourself to others and don't worry about where you think you fall in the scale of life. Just focus on getting better every day. Know what makes you happy Another great way to develop a positive sense of self is to know what makes you happy. If you know what makes you happy, you can better direct your life towards those goals. Also, if your friends and family are supportive of your goals and dreams, they will help you to achieve them. If they aren't supportive, they're not worth your time anyway. Knowing what makes you happy can be difficult. As a teenager, it may be tough to figure out what truly makes you happy. That's okay. Give yourself time to discover what makes you happy. You may find that certain hobbies, like art or writing, make you happy. You may discover that certain activities, like sports or team games, make you happy. You may find that a combination of these things make you happy. No matter what, make an effort to discover what makes you happy. Then, make an effort to do more of those things. Be kind to yourself Like we mentioned above, it can be easy to compare yourself to others when you're a teenager. This can lead to low self-esteem, a feeling of not being good enough, and even depression. If you've been comparing yourself to others and feeling bad about yourself, it's time to turn that around. Be kind to yourself. Recognize your strengths and weaknesses, but don't be too hard on yourself. It's also important to let go of past mistakes. You don't need to dwell on things that can't be changed. Instead, use them as a learning opportunity. Mistakes are meant to teach you something. You are meant to learn from them and then move on. When you're dwelling on mistakes, you aren't moving forward. Start being kind to yourself and you'll feel better about your future. Take care of your body and mind As your daughter continues to grow and develop, she will learn that it's important to take care of her body and mind. If she is experiencing negative thoughts, she can learn how to combat those thoughts with positive self-talk. If she is experiencing negative emotions, she can learn how to manage those emotions with yoga and meditation. Teenage girls need to learn how to take care of their bodies. This includes eating a balanced diet and getting enough sleep. It also includes avoiding drugs and alcohol. These substances can cause long-term damage to your body, and they can lead to poor decision-making. Your daughter may also be more likely to engage in risky sexual behavior if she's under the influence. Build your confidence Building a positive sense of self can lead to higher self-esteem and confidence. No matter what challenges your daughter faces as a teenager, she will need confidence to get through them. This may mean that she's making new friends, she's trying a new sport, she's asking someone on a date, or she's developing her artistic passions. One way to build confidence is to practice. When your daughter is facing a new situation, she may feel nervous and unsure. She can use those emotions as positive energy that can help her to perform well. Her nerves are a sign of excitement and anticipation. She will perform better if she harnesses those feelings and uses them to her advantage. When your daughter feels confident, she will perform better and she will feel better about herself. Discover what you're good at and what you're not good at Your daughter will naturally discover what she's good at and what she's not good at. However, it can be helpful to have some ideas in mind. If your daughter likes writing, she might want to consider becoming a journalist or editor. If she likes fashion, she might want to become a stylist or create her own fashion line. If she likes science and math, she might want to consider a career in engineering or computer science. Whatever your daughter's passions are, she can use them to discover what she wants to do with her life. This is a great way to find a career that is both enjoyable and meaningful. Your daughter may also want to consider trying new things to help her determine what she's good at. She can then use that knowledge to direct her life towards her passions. Conclusion At this stage in your daughter's life, it's important that she feels comfortable enough to be herself. She should not be worried about fitting into a certain box or having to conform to certain expectations. She should be encouraged to be herself, explore new things, and discover her passions. You should also be working towards helping her develop a positive sense of self. This will help her to feel better about herself and be more confident in all of her endeavors. via Your Positive Self - Articles and Features June 29, 2022 at 09:56PM
5 things you should know before investing in cryptocurrency
5 things you should know before investing in cryptocurrency The world of digital currencies is very wide. You don't find it stops at Bitcoin or Ethereum. Therefore, you will need at least training and in-depth research and you should use common sense in order to grow your investments. Through these various tips, we will guide you step by step to make your first investments. So let's look in detail at all the important points that you should pay attention to before depositing your money to buy any cryptocurrency. 1- Invest only money you can afford to lose One of our first tips on investing in cryptocurrency that big investors always advise is: just invest money you can afford to lose. The money you invest should be money that you don't need in your daily life or don't expect to need anytime soon. If you lose that money, it will not affect your life. Do not put the last remaining $300 in your bank account in cryptocurrency. Do not take out a loan from the bank until you invest in digital currencies. My friend, we know that you are the one who makes the final decision, but please don't be complacent and take these tips into consideration. Investing in digital currencies sometimes requires patience. The prices of Bitcoin and other digital currencies are notoriously volatile. But this is not always true, Bitcoin price curve was flat for example in the second half of 2018… So, you can make gains/losses as fast as you can if you plan/not plan well. In the event that the market is not in a good condition, the return on investment can be longer than expected. This means that you will inevitably go through a phase of losses. If you need that money to live, here's what it can cause: Your investments will be withdrawn at a realized loss. Your morale may be severely affected in your daily life.  You will try to return your lost investments by doing irrational things, which will inflate your losses even more. Believe us, my friend... We have all been through this situation, so we advise you with all our heart that you should only invest money that you can afford to lose. This way, you won't act on your feelings because you won't care if you lose that money anyway. The negative effects we just mentioned will therefore be less likely to occur. 2- Study the topic beforehand As a second step, we suggest that you research carefully any particular topic or project before thinking about investing your money in it. Even if many people advise you to invest your money, do you really want to invest in a project that you do not know at all? Do you trust people blindly without doing enough research into the project they recommend to you? Let's just give you an example: Can you buy an apartment or house without visiting it? Can you buy a used car without its papers? Can you buy an annual gym membership without looking at what it looks like or what services you provide? If you answered these questions with no, you should also educate yourself about cryptocurrency technology before investing your money in it. Obviously, we are not asking you to be an expert in cryptocurrencies before you start investing in them, but the point here is that you should give yourself enough time to understand how this technology works. 3- Diversify your investments After the first two tips before investing, our third tip will focus on diversification.This concept is important in many aspects of your life and is also valid for cryptocurrencies.If you have some money that you want to invest, you probably know the saying that “you should not put all your eggs in one basket”. If your basket falls to the ground, you can break all your eggs and you will lose everything. If you have 10 eggs divided equally into 5 baskets, you will only lose 2 eggs if one of the baskets falls. Therefore, it is appropriate to apply such thought when investing your money. It can be divided as follows: Put some of your money into real estate. Put some of them on the stock exchange. Putting part of it in digital currencies. In the same way, the part of your investment should also follow this principle. It will be necessary to diversify your investments by investing in different digital currencies. The goal is to minimize the risk. 4- Carrying out exchange transfers at the exchanges Did you follow the first 3 tips? .. great! You will now be able to start buying your first digital currency! For this, we advise you to use a cryptocurrency buying platform or a financial broker. This platform allows you to buy very popular digital currencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum. To buy other cryptocurrencies that are less popular but with greater growth potential, you will need to convert Ethereum and Bitcoin into those other altcoins via remittances. These platforms are called “Exchanges”, and they are platforms that enable you to buy famous digital currencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, or exchange your bitcoins for alternative digital currencies called Altcoin. It can be found simply via Google search, or through trusted brokerage firms in your country. 5- Beware of scams  Our fifth tip is about all the scams that exist in the cryptocurrency world One should be especially vigilant about this and try to avoid these scams as much as possible We advise you to research carefully in this topic and search in detail for “attacks” or cryptocurrencies whose name has been associated with any kind of fraud so that you do not fall into these traps. We also advise you to search for a reliable money market broker with which you can buy cryptocurrencies. via Your Positive Self May 12, 2022 at 02:00AM
What Is a SIM Card? How Your Phone Connect to the Network
What Is a SIM Card? How Your Phone Connect to the Network What is a phone without a SIM card? This small removable chip is the gateway to phone calls, messages, the Internet and many of the things and responsibilities that our smartphone is concerned with, so in this post we will highlight the relationship between SIM cards and the communication network. What is a SIM card ? A SIM card is necessary since it saves your phone number and other personal data. In most cases, you may move one SIM card between two phones and the new phone will automatically acquire your phone number. While the SIM card may appear small on the outside, behind the scenes it activates complex wireless mechanics to connect you to the rest of the world. Many are wondering how this little plastic chip can connect to the network and keep our lives connected!!! First, the word "SIM" is an abbreviation for Subscriber Identity Module. The SIM card is stored with a set of unique codes that signify your identity with the network provider's database. These codes also help you communicate with other networks. The SIM card also consists of a standard 64-bit number called IMSI or International Mobile Subscriber Identity. No two IMSI numbers are identical. In addition, the SIM card also consists of a unique authentication key. How does a sim card work? When you turn on your smartphone, the SIM card starts searching for nearby and connected networks. The moment a SIM card finds a network, the IMSI number and unique authentication key are sent to the network tower. Now the network tower receives your connection request, but it also needs to check if you are authorized to use the network, so it scans your IMSI number into its database. At the same time, it will also look for the Authentication Key assigned an IMSI number in its database. Let's call this Authentication Key A, i.e. Key A. Tower airtel Once the network tower recognizes your SIM, it will authenticate you with the A-key authentication key, and at the same time it will generate its own random key. Let's call this key B key B The key B will be sent to your smartphone along with the authentication key A to your phone. Your phone will check the authentication key and random key and generate another one. Let's call it the key C Now that C key has been put back into the network, along with the same authentication key. It analyzes the B and C keys and now with the same authentication key, both key B and key C must match If there is a match, it gives the phone access to the network and secures it Why are there so many special keys in sim card It is in order to protect your security in the network. No one else can use your number to connect to the network because there is only one authentication key and a random key. So your network is secured safely and confidentially. This is the basis of how a SIM card enables you to connect to the network and send and receive information. via Your Positive Self May 11, 2022 at 01:26PM
10 habits of happy people | how to be happy
10 habits of happy people | how to be happy In this article, you will know about the habits of happy people—we all know that happiness makes us healthy, so it is important to stay happy. Did you know some people make their own happiness; they don't need any excuse to be happy Or say; he has made his habits such a way that he is always happy. If you keep reading this article, then surely you also want to know about those habits, so let's know about the habits of those people due to which they are always happy in their life. Habits of happy people People who are always happy are positive people. They know how to live life in a creative and joyful way. Because of his habit of being happy, he can face every difficulty with a smile. But let's see how they do it. H Jackson Browne, Jr. has made an exquisite point  Remember that the happiest people are not those who are receiving more, but those who are giving more. 1- Maintain a positive and optimistic outlook Always happy people maintain a positive and optimistic outlook. They counter negative thoughts with positive thoughts with a calm mind. If you want to be happy then change the way you think. Stop negative thinking and see problems as challenges and possibilities to learn something new. Think about what is possible, not what is impossible. Pessimists see the difficulty in opportunity and optimists see opportunity in difficulty. 2- Focus only on what you can control  Most people are worried about problems that they cannot control. For example, the sudden arrival of rain, the puncture of a car or scooter, in which there is no fault of anyone, but they blame it on someone or the other. Some people worry about the past or the future, such as "What if I have a terrible disease?" or "What if I lose my job?" People forget to be happy because of worry. People who are always happy have a habit of living in the present. He devotes his entire thought to be positive and happy. So if you want to be happy then take action instead of being a victim of circumstance and your negative thinking. For the above two examples, it is a control to work hard and review performance with your supervisor to lead a healthy lifestyle to prevent poor health and ensure job security. There is no use in being unhappy with the things you are not in control of and you need to take action rather than being unhappy about the things you have control over.  3- Be with people who are always happy The people who are happy are always happy themselves, the people who come in contact with them also become happy. The opposite is equally true. These qualities will motivate you to be happy too. hanging out with unhappy people will pull you down and make you unable to focus on your well-being and goals. A positive fragrance emanates from the people who are always happy, which also makes others happy. 4- Enjoy your work Happy people enjoy their work. Such people either do the work which makes them happy or they find happiness in their work. Most people spend most of their time at work. People who enjoy their work and find them exciting and meaningful are more likely to look ahead to going to work every day rather than being afraid. If you want to be happy always in your life then do something that makes you happy or makes you happy in what you are doing.Choose the work that makes you happy or find happiness in the work you are doing. 5- Look for the good in people and things, not evil You close your eyes and think about the lotus flower. Sure you will like it but if you think about the slime below it then you will not like it. Most people have this habit that they look for the shortcomings of others. On the contrary, those who are happy find the good in everything, in every situation. People who are always happy believe that whatever happens happens for good. If you also want to be happy always, then you have to develop the habit of seeing the good in things. 6- Are flexible Even the most well-made plans sometimes don't turn out as expected. That is, sometimes we do not get what we think. That's why always happy people are flexible, they are ready for every change. 7- People who are happy have the habit of forgiving and apologizing Which always keeps them happy. Happy people do not take small things to heart, do not hesitate to apologize for their mistakes, and also forgive others. Forgive not only others but also ourselves. Apologizing and apologizing clears your mind, saves you from unnecessary confusion and disturbing thoughts, and makes you happy forever. 8- Always listen to your heart Always happy people like to listen to their hearts first. This gives them peace and self-satisfaction. 9- Do not expect more from anyone People who are always happy neither expect more from anyone nor depend on anyone. If you also want to be happy always in your life then don't expect too much from others because every time not everyone can live up to your expectations and when the expectations are broken then the atmosphere of anger, hatred, jealousy, sorrow, and mistrust arises. . Which fills sorrow and despair in your life. So stop expecting from people and believe in yourself. 10- Do not compare yourself with others The biggest reason for being unhappy is that a person is not so sad by his own sorrows as he is by looking at the happiness of others. People who want to be happy always do not compare themselves with others. Remember friends, God has adorned every human being with different qualities. Therefore, instead of comparing yourself to someone else, you should identify, develop and improve yourself. via Your Positive Self May 09, 2022 at 01:12PM
How to avoid making wrong decisions
How to avoid making wrong decisions Every person takes some decision in his life. Our life so far is the result of a decision taken by us or by someone else. Decision-making is the skill of solving a problem or completing a mission. The consequences can be painful if the decision is wrong. So here the question arises that why do people make bad decisions? How to Stop Making Wrong Decisions Many would argue that making bad decisions is a part of life, no one knows their future so it is natural to make wrong decisions, but the only way to prevent the devastating effects of these choices in your life is to avoid making them. How to avoid making the wrong decision. Only the person who takes the right decision in adverse circumstances moves towards success and the person who is not able to handle himself in such a time gets failure in his hands. It's easy enough to make the right decisions when you're self-conscious, but what happens when you're not self-conscious? As a result, they make wrong decisions.   Every person should learn the art of making the right decisions in life. Because both your present and future depend on the decisions you make. In this post, you will learn how to make the right and quick decision, you will learn how to avoid wrong decisions and how you can train your mind to make the right decision…. Be patient enough while making the decision! If you are feeling nervous while making a decision, then taking the decision can be quite wrong. That's why it is most important to maintain patience in adverse times. Difficult decisions can be taken easily with patience. This can be understood as an example. If any person urges you to do some work or take any decision and you take a decision according to his provocation, then it shows your weakness as well as creates difficulties for you. In such a situation, a patient person tries to understand someone's provocation, stays for a while, and only then takes a decision. While making the decision, keep complete information and understanding in that subject. You need to be well aware of the subject or situation in which you are making the decision. If you are feeling ignorant while taking a decision, then definitely consult a knowledgeable person. Think about which choice would be better after that. Some examples like if you want to make a career in the field of your choice, then you can take advice from someone experienced in any field. For this, check all the aspects of the available options seriously. Avoid making decisions based on emotions. Our emotions play an important role in everything we do. It is important to understand how you are feeling when making a decision. That's why you should not ignore your feelings while taking decisions. If you are feeling very emotional, if there is doubt in your mind about any decision, then it may be a bad decision, so avoid making that decision. Do not take any decision out of anger or restless mind. If you want to control your emotions then must read - how to control your emotion Learn from mistakes and avoid repeating them! There are some decisions that are not in our hands, we can learn only by doing them. It is known to all that Thomas Edison invented electricity, and he worked hard for many years for this discovery. During this discovery, Edison had to face failure thousands of times, then his experiment got successful. In the meantime, he continued to learn from his mistakes with full dedication and devotion, which later led to the invention of electricity. He took wrong decisions but he kept learning from his mistakes and perfected the art of making the right decisions. Remember, every mistake in life can become your teacher if you learn a lesson from it. Take the decision or decision impartially. Some decisions may be right from people's point of view but you must consider them wrong. On the contrary, some decisions may seem wrong to people but you think they are right. Learn to be firm on your decisions at such times. Always take the decision which is right, fair. Such decisions may not be taken right in the beginning but are always right later. via Your Positive Self May 05, 2022 at 03:08PM
How to enable Find My Device in Windows 10 and Windows 11
How to enable Find My Device in Windows 10 and Windows 11 We are all afraid of our devices being stolen or lost in transportation and public places, so you find that there are companies that offer features to track your phone, for example iOS and Android, and it is an effective way to protect your device from theft and loss. In this post, we will present the “Find My Device” feature that exists In Windows 10 and Windows 11, and how it will help you track your lost computer and secure it remotely. "Find My Device" feature: The Find My Device feature in Windows allows you to locate your stolen device and keep track of its whereabouts all the time. Also, using the feature, you can lock your device remotely to prevent a thief from accessing personal information. Procedures required to activate the "Find My Device" feature: But you have to do some actions now to activate the Find My Device feature, first, activate the location services on your device, so that your location is constantly updated and saves the location of the device. How to turn on "Find My Device" in Windows? 1- Activate the website services: Press Win + I to open Settings, click on Update and Security, scroll in the App Permissions section and choose Location, then enable the feature. 2- Activate "Find My Device": Return the same options, go to privacy and security and choose Find my device, and then activate the feature by activating the option to turn on Find my device. 3- Computer tracking from the "Microsoft" website: When Find My Device is turned on, the device saves its last location when connected to the Internet, in case of theft or loss, you can sign in to your Microsoft account and track the whereabouts of the device directly from the Microsoft location. 4- How to Find your Windows device Sign in at Choose the Find My Device option. Select Find to display a map of your device's location after selecting the device you wish to find. 5- Control the computer lock from the Microsoft website: You can control the security of your computer remotely after activating the "Find My Device" feature, by going to the Microsoft website and remotely locking your device and logging out any active users and also you can send messages to anyone who unlocks the device. Finally, the "Find My Device" feature is the best solution to recover your computer in case your device is stolen or lost by tracking it online and controlling its security. via Your Positive Self April 19, 2022 at 01:40AM