Writing Prompts

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I am Prompt Guy and you are the protagonist. Let's explore the multiverse together.

How Earth deals with the overwhelming number of offplanet tourists who come to see total solar eclipses.

You're the beloved teacher of a heartwarming coming-of-age story. Your wife is a hardboiled detective in a gritty true-crime story. Your daughter is a magical girl. You three are desperately trying to have dinner without the shenanigans of your individual stories interrupting for once.

You created the A.I. that brought unparalleled good into the world. Global hunger was eradicated, climate change has vastly improved, geopolitical strife is now stabilizing. You are haunted by your creation and your conscience is laden with guilt as only you know the truth.

You are a hero in service of Death itself. As counterintuitive as this may seem, it is not what it looks like. It's just that villains tend to kill people before their time and Death really hates people messing up fate.

The super villain shook with rage as they stared at the security footage. "He's not even a real superhero with superpowers! He's just some loser who's really good at throwing knives at people without killing them!"

Having dealt with deceivers your entire life, you finally die and find yourself on the stairway to Heaven. Just in case, you decide to cast one final disillusion spell.

There’s a special place in hell for people like you. It has pizza, air con, fiber optic internet, and a 24-hour interactive stream of the torture pits.

Compared to the rest of the galaxy, humans are small, adorable hunters who enjoy breaking things to see what happens, but are still well liked because they take care of minor problems. It turns out humans are not space elves or orcs, but intelligent space cats.

Humans aren't the strongest, or the most advanced, species in the galaxy, but they are the most vengeful and persistent. They evolved as persistence predators. If you wrong them, they are willing to follow you across the stars and can spend years working to get back at you for what you did.

Your friends are always in awe over how you manage to get both in to and then out off so many weird accidents all the time. But then they don't know you are the unlikely child of a one night stand between Lady Luck and the God of misfortune.

Your partner of a few months has sat you down to confess a big secret of theirs. They explain, nervously and falteringly, that they're a hivemind, and they hope you'll still be okay with dating them knowing it.

The Duke has decided to make you, the youngest servant in their household, into their heir. As such you are forced into noble society as the 2nd most powerful heir in the kingdom. Much to the surprise of the other nobles who now either vie for your support or demise.

The last thing you remember, you were eaten in a single bite by an enormous alien creature. Now, as you hatch from an egg as one of its children with all your previous memories intact, you can’t help but contemplate the pros and cons of this discovery.

At this point in time, Aliens had only encountered human professionals in their youthful peak years; Now, for the first time, an alien has met an elderly human.

“I’m sorry this is the last straw—you’re fired.” Your boss says. “Fine!” You exclaim. “Here’s my badge and gun!” You slam them on the desk but your boss looks confused. “What the fuck? Why do you need a gun and badge when you’re a waiter?”

A superhero team has an unusual strategy: wear the wrong costumes to confuse the enemy. Ice guy's outfit is fire themed, flying strongman has a fake jetpack and a gadget belt, invisible girl dresses like a speedster, etc. When the villains start to pick up on their trick, the mind games begin.

While doing your daily business, you're suddenly teleported to a new world to see someone in unusual attire crying, "I can't believe I got another common!" You look to the right to see twenty copies of yourself.

"Bring me this traveller." The Sphinx commanded. "What is square in the morning, round in the afternoon and triangle in the evening?" The traveller replies "You just want a pizza don't you?"

"Sorry sir, but unfortunately you do not qualify for eternal salvation in our wing, I have compiled a list of other heavens, hells and limbos you are eligible for. Of course, you could always try your luck with the wheel of reincarnation."

You're the last follower of a long forgotten god who can no longer recruit new faithful. Once you die they will "die" too, so weak as they are they do what they can to extend your life, overstepping the usual boundaries between worshipper and deity.