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The belonging you seek is not   b e h i n d   you… it is   a h e a d   .   Close your eyes… Feel it… The light… it’s always been there. It will guide you.

MULTIFANDOM CHALLENGE || (3/25) Actors/Actresses » Jenna Louise Coleman

“I often have to stand on an apple box when we’re filming. It’s called ‘Jenna’s Box’ and it gets brought out when I need to fit into a particular shot - like the Yellow Pages!”

in other news today i found out that eddie redmayne has a degree in art history and for his diploma he wrote a 12k words analysis of a picture that’s basically a blue square on a black background; the thing was it was a very unique shade of blue, actually used there for the first time ever; however, being colorblind, i quote, he had no idea what the colour was but well, it looked very pretty to him

and somehow i find this very uplifting i mean if you can pull sth like that off, write a 12k words thesis on a colour you don’t even recognize properly, anything is possible and this is the story of how eddie redmayne officially became my saint patron of high level academic bullshitting