I hope I'm as cool as you when I'm 49. I'd like to think I'm taking the right steps towards that version of myself.


So I'm not sure I'm cool, but I do know that I don't suck.

And I desperately wish someone had told me, or shown me by example, that getting older doesn't mean getting stupid and boring and stuffy and extremely uncool. I wish I'd known that, because I spent all of my life until I was in my 40s feeling like there was this day coming very soon when I would have to stop listening to punk, stop playing video games, put on a suit, and start yelling at kids for no good reason.

You know who sucks when they hit 49 and 50? People who sucked when they were 20 and never grew up.

The best part of getting older, like by several thousand light years, is the part where we figure out how to stop putting up with other people's bullshit, contract our social circle until it's only populated with people who deserve us, and the occasional opportunity to be a 49 year-old who can say out loud all the things 19 year-old me would have liked to hear (he wouldn't have understood, but 29 year-old me would have remembered, and he would have understood).

Anyway, you're gonna be fine. Just remember that being cool, being kind, being honest, honorable, reliable ... they are all choices. If you want to be cool when you're 49, make the choice and set the example. You've got this.