Smells Like Bong Water

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Alyssa // 23 // Queer
*I spilled the bong water*
I track the tag ' wstbw ' 18+ only please

Hey girl. All this promotion for Stranger Things got me thinking about the Things that made us Strangers. You don't have to respond btw


lord grant me the serenity to do my laundry, the courage to do my laundry, and the wisdom to do my laundry

i go on instagram. i go to the stories. there are two four page ads for every story. i go to my feed. there is an ad every other post. recommended posts keep popping up. i go to youtube. an ad is playing at the top of my timeline. i click on a video. two unskippable fifteen second ads start playing. these will play every five minutes. there is an ad at the top of the recommendations underneath the video. i go to read a news article. immediately a warning pops up that i need to pay a subscription. the page starts playing a video ad immediately. i scroll down and there is an ad every paragraph. there is a car ad at the bottom of the screen that i cant get rid of. the video ad at the top follows me when i scroll. i turn off my phone, exhausted and overstimulated.

Theres something real special about being genuinely concerned that you need a trip to the psych hospital but being terrified that you won’t be able to afford your rent if you miss that much work lol