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Created by @halloweeneva in response to an entry on the Trivia section of the IMDb page for the Loki TV series saying that “Taika Waititi, who directed Thor: Ragnarok (2017), is in talks to direct a few episodes.”

Yes, it is entirely possible that this is an unsubstantiated speculation posted by some rando who knows nothing. But just in case there’s anything to it, or in case the Powers That Be at Marvel Studios/ Disney+ are actually considering doing this, it seems like a good idea to let them know that it is emphatically NOT what Loki’s fans want.

Signed. Thanks for making one, @halloweeneva

Taika Waititi’s humor may work for Chris Hemsworth, but he severely lacks the emotional intelligence to properly handle Loki, either without Thor or otherwise. Maybe let Tom Hiddleston direct a few episodes instead, since he’s the one who knows Loki best of all. 

Thank you @halloweeneva @philosopherking1887 @blueeyedjguar !💚💚💚


This is not the first time she picked Loki.

Marvel, are you hinting something?

(I don’t mind this pair😳)

Loki / Endgame Spoiler


Yesterday I finally saw Avengers Endgame. And when I was glad that Loki is alive (everything points to it, and it makes more sense for the Loki show), I noticed that Loki, even if he lives, is not the Loki, who sacrifices for his Brother, he did not make that journey that Loki we know made, he was not taken to prison and avenged his mother’s death, he did not take the throne and sent Odin to earth, he did not unleash the goddess of death and brought about the destruction of Asgard. Loki, who did that, died in 2018 by Thanos. The “new” Loki, which we will probably see in the Show, will still be our Loki, with his looks, character and charm, as well as the god of mischief, but he will go a completely different way, probably without Thor and Asgard. Maybe Loki will finally be happy and get a happy ending. What do you think? What are your wishes for Loki?

It just gives me hope that, even if Dark World Loki is deleted, Endgame Loki is still the real and original Loki and not the OOC humiliated joke Loki from Ragnarok… and he is free of Thor/joke Thor/CH and Asgard and out on his own adventures (assuming he is not dead). This fits with my personal headcanon more (I totally ignore Gagnarok and IW anyway) and I am waiting to see if Tom gets executive producer and script advisor input to the series. If he doesn’t, and its another joke OOC Loki, then Marvel remains cancelled for me.


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Sure, we could get into the whole “but is he really a villain?” debate, given his trajectory in the films, but we’re not going to. For a number of Phase 1 movies, Loki (Tom Hiddleston) was a villain – pure and simple. And you guys love him when he’s at his most devious. The god of mischief received the most votes for favorite villain, at 63%, followed by Thanos (Josh Brolin) at 48%. Hela (Cate Blanchett) was number three at 30%.

Black Panther’s Erik Killmonger (Michael B. Jordan) was the highest-ranked human villain on the list, coming in at number four, just ahead of the Winter Soldier, with 29%. But Killmonger was generationally divisive, with 41% of Millennials naming him one of their favorites (he actually ranked third for Millennials, above Hela), but just 21% of Non-Millennials doing the same.

Interestingly, critic favorite Helmut Zemo (Daniel Brühl), who sowed the seeds of the Avengers’ internal breakdown in Civil War, came in near the bottom of our villain list, with only 4% of fans naming him one of their favorites. In terms of major MCU villains, only Iron Man 3’s Aldrich Killian (Guy Pearce) came in lower, with just 3%.

Here are fans’ top 10 favorite villains. (Note, people could vote for multiple characters.)

  1. Loki – 63%
  2. Thanos – 48%
  3. Hela – 30%
  4. Erik Killmonger – 29%
  5. The Winter Soldier – 23%
  6. The Vulture – 20%
  7. Red Skull – 18%
  8. Ronan the Accuser – 16%
  9. Ultron – 17%
  10. Ego – 13%

Thor Ragnarok Loki stans are literally supporting everything Chris Hemsworth said about how he was disillusioned by the previous Thor movies before Ragnarok.

They are literally ignoring the fact that their darling Hemsworth said in a recent interview that he wants Loki gone from the MCU. How do they ignore this? I’m all for Chris changing Thor’s characteristics in order to make him more interesting. What i do have a problem is Chris pushing people down in order to get his wishes fulfilled. And the person who got humiliated is Loki. There are literally interviews, and plain proof that Chris Hemsworth and Taika Waititi were out to humiliate and drag Loki through the dirt in Ragnarok. Your Loki from Ragnarok was a direct result of Chris wanting to humiliate Loki and put him in place and Waititi’s ignorance of the franchise.

The saddest thing is Tom can’t retaliate against anything Chris or Waititi says about Loki?why? Because he’s not the lead actor. He’s not the main character. So, if the character he plays and loves gets treated like shit he’ll have to deal with it.

This is a quote about Loki by Tom:

“I’ve lived through him, you know. Other people can have their opinion objectively about where Loki should go, but I’ve lived through every moment. And sometimes, I might be - I’m the only person who knows how it feels and I always have ideas. I know every inch of Loki and I’m the only person who’s played him. So other people have written him, other people have shot him, other people have framed him, but I know his inside”

The previous movies were important to Tom hiddleston. His fame came from those movies and his understanding of Loki was because of those movies. Tom has time and again spoken about how those movies mean so much to him and how much Loki after everything hes gone through after his betrayal by his family, Ragnarok and IW, has to now work to heal his mind and rediscover himself. Tom understands Loki’s vulnerability and his need to protect himself. Tom loves Loki.

But Ragnarok stans can only see Loki as a “sugar baby slut who fucks his way to the top of a garbage heap”.

I have friends who like Thor: Ragnarok but even they agree there’s something wrong with Loki in Ragnarok

If you’re going to be dense and call me and other anti Ragnarok folks stupid without reading our Loki meta and criticism about Ragnarok which has legit interviews from Director/actors and what they think about Loki and comparison between Ragnarok and the previous Thor movies, then I’m sorry don’t comment on this post.


This video is so beautiful and I offer it as definitive proof that NO ONE. BUT. TOM. Gets to play Loki.


Oh this is a gorgeous video, and it made me cry.

And it just reminded me how unbelievably sad, cruel, and unfair it is for his story to end as it did in Infinity War. Screw saving half the universe, I want to see the Avengers save Loki!


“His tears are my tears, His joy and glee is mine. And his anger is my anger.
I know who he is, I find him fascinating. And therefore I love him”

-Tom Hiddleston about Loki

I still don’t understand how people can erase Loki’s entire story and replace him with just someone who is there for jokes and made fun of.

Every Loki fan ought to watch this.

Questions I have for Marvel part three


1. How old is the All-Father and Frigga?

-Like, we know Loki’s 1054 and Thor’s 1500 but nothing about them.

2. How do Asgardian children grow? Like, if they can live to like 5100 years do they have maturity proportional to humans? Do Asgardian mothers have to suffer through like 300 years of the terrible 2s and 500 years of puberty?

-According to some calculations if the aging is proportional that would make Thor 23 and Loki 16/17. Yikes.

3. How many people live in Asgard? What is the social structure like? Why are there no handrails at all on the Bifrost?

4. Why do we never learn about the other realms and the fact that Frigga is not Asgardian but Vanir?

5. What powers do the royal family have? We never see any of them work on treaties or really address the people?

-Thor’s duties seem to be cheering, wearing a winged hat, and eating lots of food. Loki’s seem to be riding horses and holding his mother’s hand.

6. Does Asgard have political parties? Who runs the smaller governments in Asgard?

7. Why the hell would Odin tell both Thor and Loki that they were born to be kings while only even intending to make Thor king?

8. Why did Odin think he could turn Loki into a puppet king of a people he was being conditioned to hate?

9. Why did Odin take Loki from what appeared to be a temple?

-If the Casket of Ancient Winters was stored in the same place, it sure doesn’t look like he’d be abandoned. Also if the people are starving and at war, the King would never get rid of a son, small or not.

10. Why did the Jotuns go to Midgard? Like really, what is history if not told according to Odin?

11. How does the Odinsleep work? Why was that never set up earlier in the movie?

12. Why the incredibly advanced technology and yet medieval weapons and transport?

13. Why no mention of how magic is considered a feminine profession? It would have made Loki’s whole issues much clearer?

-It also wouldn’t go amiss for them to address the homophobia and sexism in Asgard and I would have loved a scene that addressed how hated the Jotuns actually are.

14. How had Thor not been killed or gotten into interrealm disaster before then if he’s that old and angry enough and sexist or homophobic enough to start killing people because he got called “princess.”

15. How could Loki have control of Selvig when he’d never actually been on Earth for longer than a few minutes and Selvig was nowhere near?

16. Why is Loki shown to have the ability to project himself onto Earth and be invisible from a different realm and then that ability is never used again?

17. Where does the Casket of Ancient Winters go if Loki still has it when he falls?

18. Why is Thor considered redeemed when he hasn’t apologized to the Jotuns, the people he hurt in the first place?

19. How connected are Loki and the Destroyer? It’s never made clear and muddles a lot of his and Thor’s characters?

20. Who’s guarding the vault (with all the dead soldiers and Fenrir) if the Destroyer is gone?

21. Why are all the deleted scenes either moments of Loki happy or moments of Thor being legitimately redeemed and being caring and polite to people who he used to consider inferior?

22. Why can a taser take down the God of Thunder?

23. If Thor was truly mortal why did he have minimal injuries from getting hit pretty darn hard with Jane’s car?

24. What happened to Jane after this movie? She had no equipment, did she go work for SHIELD?

25. Did Darcy ever get her iPod back?

26. Make up your minds is Thor the stupid, physical strength only brute or is he wildly intelligent?

-He acted like the former while on Asgard but during the bonfire scene he explains the nine realms to Jane with familiarity and even manages to draw a scientific diagram

27. Why is the Bifrost really destructive when Thor is banished and not very destructive later?

28. Why does everyone trust Odin so implicitly?

29. Why does Jane try to drive into a tornado?

30. How does Thor get out of the hospital?

31. How exactly does Loki’s Aesir glamor work? Did Odin put it on him? Did baby Loki do it to himself to look less threatening? If it’s connected to Odin why doesn’t it fizzle out when Odin dies in the third Thor?

32. Why does no one include a hilarious scene of Thor being quizzed on the veracity of various weird Norse myths?

33. How is Loki not instantly killed when he goes to the Frost Giants alone?

34. How does Loki get around? We’re never directly told he has paths to other realms until the second movie?

35. How is Pueto Antiguo mostly unharmed by the Destroyer fighting Thor?

36. Why kill Laufey while Odin is still asleep? Otherwise Loki has to explain the dead Frost Giant King to Frigga and Odin? Also this plan puts Frigga in danger and Loki would never do that?

37. How does Heimdall break free from the ice? Sheer willpower?

38. Why care about Thor or his friends when the Frost Giants are priority?

39. Does no one else in Asgard see the Frost Giants coming and do something about it?

40. Is it constantly night in Asgard in this movie?

41. Loki is named the rightful king by Frigga (in a deleted scene of course) so why do the warriors three immediately distrust him?

-It’s wild bullying and exclusion if they genuinely just don’t like him.

42. How did Odin convince Frigga to just raise a child he found randomly? Did he tell her where he found it? Does Frigga know immediately that Loki’s a frost giant or does it come up later?


I made this gif but, please note that the words are not mine; they are the words of lokiloveforever. Thank you lokiloveforever. Very well said. Very…well said.


Thank you @lokisunshine for these beautiful gifs and this post. Loki is our treasure, and he was vandalized and trashed by Waititi, and discarded so cruelly by Marvel, and we’ve had to live with what they’ve done to him. It’s caused alot of pain and disappointment, so much so that pain and disappointment has become the norm for Loki’s army. Because our treasure fell into careless hands. Tom Hiddleston is the artist behind the masterpiece, and maybe, maybe he will get a chance to fix it with the Loki series. But as he says, time will tell.


Fuck marvel for this.

I found this on Instagram….

come on people really? 😑

Tbh, I’m disappointed but not surprised. Thor Ragnarok has really changed the way people view Loki huh? One comment said that Loki did this all ‘cause he craved attention.

Why do i go to Instagram even?

I need to get something off my chest.

I wasn’t going to but… here we are.

I’ve seen firsthand the damage that does to a child to be over spoiled. I call them Bubble Kids. Not as those kids that have no immune system and live literally inside a bubble. I’ll explain:

Bubble Kids cause they live being over protected: every decision is made for them, ever need is catered with no effort, everything is bent to make them safe and comfortable.

They grow up to have little to none tolerance to frustration, they believe they can do no wrong, therefore have an underdeveloped moral sense and will perpetuate their parents’ one, they believe everything they want they must get, even if they have to resort to violence to get it. “Who cares? I’ve been told my whole life that what I want, I get, so what if I have to kill/torture someone to get it?”

Once the bubble is burst, cause they leave home, parents dead, etc, they really don’t know what to do with themselves. They get anxiety attacks, they can hide behind violent behaviors, they will go and find someone who will cater to them as their parents did, and they themselves can become abusive.

Parents use this as a form of manipulation. A way to keep kids in their line, like putting those eye things on horses. They use it to guilt trip them. They use it to make kids think their parents can do no wrong, so they will always fall in line and submit.

Now that you see where I’m going with this…

Was Thor abused? Yes. Odin manipulated him into a box he has no idea how to get out from and kept him absolutely dependent on him. (this is very obvious in gagnarok)

Is this type of abuse comparable to what Loki suffered? NO. OF COURSE NOT! Loki was abandoned, lied to, neglected, ignored, bullied, manipulated. He grew believing he could be “a king” when in reality Odin NEVER would’ve let him take the throne. He was pushed to the verge of suicide and his family refused to acknowledge his pain and suffering to the very end.

What happened to Thor doesn’t take from Loki’s abuse, it doesn’t make it even cause Loki always got the short end of the straw. It certainly doesn’t justify Thor’s actions toward Loki. And most definitely, it doesn’t make me feel sorry for him.

I was simply trying to explain why Thor densely refuses to acknowledge Odin’s failures. If he does, he loses his identity. By now he’s supposedly an adult, he should have enough tools to realize his and Odin’s mistakes and end the abuse circle. Instead he perpetuates it, keeps Odin on a pedestal and keeps being pathologically dependent on him.


I propose that we stop calling Gamora “Thanos’ adopted daughter” and start using the correct terminology instead, which is “Thanos’ kidnap victim”




Big mood.

I know this is serious and significant research, but it’s so damned funny. Watch until the end.


I like the part where he takes a nap to cope with his failure. 10/10 very relatable