Whenas in Silks

@whenasinsilks / whenasinsilks.tumblr.com

This is a mostly historical clothing but also other stuff tumblr run by one Catherine whose primary tumblr can be found at prettyefficientturnip.tumblr.com

I would like to say sorry about the queue running out. (Has it really been two weeks? Wow?!) I am not dead, but I do have a job now, which really eats into the time I was using for blog maintenance. So this is really a belated notice that whenasinsilks will be going mostly inactive. I may be adding more stuff when I have some free time, but I won't be devoting serious time or energy to maintenance in the future.

That said, if any of you want to talk about clothes or life and shit, feel free to hit me up at my main tumblr. I don't ever post much, but I'm still on a fair bit and I'd enjoy talking to anybody.