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Goodbye from me <3

I know this blog has been dead for years now (with the exception of me, y’know, promoting my own things like a jerk) but today I am truly finished with it - every web series that I talked about whilst actively maintaining this blog is finally over.

When I was at university, this blog took up a lot of my free time. I used to post an original gifset every day, with extras on holidays. I used to comb the tags looking for content so I could represent each show equally. I watched a shitload of web series (even if, lets face it, I never really attempted to get my to-do list down), most of which were good, a few of which were not good, and a disappointing amount of which eventually let me down.

However, this blog has put me in touch with so many people who I continue to be the best of friends with, even if we no longer have common fandoms. I honestly cannot imagine what my life would be like without the friendship of these people, some of whom I have met (one of whom I travelled across the world for her wedding) and some I am yet to meet. And so I am thankful for this blog, for the friends I made, and for Ngozi Ukazu for giving me something to hyperfixate on (and create content for) even when everything else was finished.

Most of you (the ones that aren’t bots) already follow me elsewhere, but for those of you who don’t - I’m still around at @unacaritafeliz and on twitter as @heyrae93. Lets keep in touch - I could always use a few more friends.

So thank you, and goodbye,

Rae <3

My friend Ella is doing Animal Crossing commissions! She will draw you (or your pet, friend, lover, coworker, roommate, neighbour, etc) as a character from Animal Crossing!

Shoulders and up, 1 character $25 USD
Full body - $35 USD
2 Characters - $50 USD

If you're interested, you can get in touch with Ella via Twitter or Instagram, or I can pass a message on for you!

Please share this if you can :)

Guys the most incredible (web series related) thing just happened to me, I will tell you about it on Friday but if you follow me on Twitter you might already know!

Want to read an original novel by yours truly?

Hey friends! I did a slightly scary thing!

I uploaded one of my novels to SwoonReads.

If you’re not familiar, SwoonReads is a website where aspiring (and also published) YA and New Adult authors can upload their manuscripts to get feedback and ratings from a collection of readers a la Ao3, and the most well received get a publishing contract! 

Now there are obviously many many steps between uploading a manuscript onto the site and getting published, but first steps are first steps.

And the good news is, anyone can get an account for free and become a reader/rater!

So if you like YA novels and like giving constructive feedback and/or have ever wanted to read my original writing, you can find my novel here: https://swoonreads.com/m/spinning-tales-spinning-truth/ and visit the rest of the site from there.

If you’re curious about the novel particulars, it is a Sleeping Beauty retelling that focuses on the prince and combines Sleeping Beauty mythologies from all over the world because I’m a nerd like that.

Happy reading!

Cassie's 1/2 of the AOLWseries writing team (she wrote Zoe!) and she's an amazingly talented writer so if you have time, please consider helping her out :)


Do you like books? Do you like diverse books? Do you like diverse books by women writers from around the world?

If, like me, you hate how “best of” lists are always

  • Super white
  • Mostly dudes
  • Almost entirely British or American (and maybe a European or two)
  • Straight

THIS IS YOUR CHANCE to help compile a “Best of” list that is something DIFFERENT. Ahead of August (#WITMonth, women in translation month, look it up!), readers will have the chance to submit ***10 nominations*** for the “Best Books by Women Writers in Translation” list! Nominations close on August 25, 2019. If it’s a book by a woman writing in a language other than English, it is eligible!

So if you’ve always felt angry that your country, your language, your authors, your childhood favorites, your representation, your LIFE hasn’t been well reflected in canon-defining lists, this is an opportunity to start shifting the balance back. There is more to this world and there is more to our literature! The more nominations, the higher a book is ranked, so boost your favorite titles and share to get as many readers as possible involved! (And no, you don’t have to submit ten, but remember that anything over ten won’t be counted, so choose wisely!)

IMAGE ACCESSIBILITY: Banner with the following text:


GOAL: Compiling a list of the 100 Best Books by Women in Translation!

DEADLINE: August 25th, 2019


  • Up to 10 nominations per person spread out until August 25
  • Nominations can be tweeted, DMed, PMed, emailed, commented on, or smoke signaled to @read_WIT/@biblibio on any platform (@readWIT on Instagram)
  • Anything published in book format is eligible (novels, nonfiction, poetry, plays…), with no genre limitations
  • Authors may be living or dead
  • Only the top 2 titles per author nominated will be included
  • All works by women* written in languages other than English are eligible, whether or not they’ve been translated into other languages
  • If the list is incomplete by August 25th, @read_WIT picks the rest! ;)
  • Choose wisely… and have fun!!!

I’m still really hoping to get more readers from all over the world (and all sorts of different literary backgrounds!) involved in this, so please share and spread the word and send in your own recommendations! (If you don’t have Twitter or Instagram, feel free to message here.)

Sup, bitches? Who still follows this blog? I'm drunk so lets chat!

My tumblr recommended list is showing me lolilo posts in the year of our lord 2019. Bitch, I didn't even like that show when it came out.

Over the past two weeks I've hung out with so many friends that I made through this blog, including a few people I giffed for this blog!! I'm glad that all the hours I wasted on this lead to some good friendships.

Season 2 will be a total series reboot in an alternate universe, telling the story of Ella, Tim, and friends on a whole new musical fandom adventure. Every iteration of I SHIP IT so far - the short film, digital series, and now TV (!!) show - has seen a different spin on the world of fandom. But at its heart - this show has always been a fangirl fantasy.

The story I wanted to tell this season is the most personal one yet - Ella is a fanfiction writer who aspires to work on her favorite TV show, “Superstition”. We made this season with a specific audience in mind - my fanfiction-writing teenage self and fangirls who want to take over Hollywood someday.

If you’re either one of those - a fangirl or a time-traveling teenage Yulin - you make up the audience that I most want to find our show and your opinions are the ones I’ll take the most to heart. My request - when our show comes out, please consider watching it and giving it a chance. If you like it, please be vocal about it online and in your fan communities.

I want to show The CW that they were right to take a chance on this story (and on me) - that fangirls can be more than a marketing demo, that we have our own stories to tell too. I hope I get to watch yours next.

<3 Yulin

B U N K H E A D S →  Now on Indiegogo. a comedy web series about four strangers stuck living together during the zombie apocalypse.
Written by Will Gong, directed by Lauren Klixbull, produced by Gabriel Reiter, and starring Khalif Boyd, Chris O’Brien (!!), Carly Turro, Josh Covitt and Alexandra Johnston.

Hello, I know I never post here but I still get new followers and messages sometimes so I just want you to know that I love Derek Nurse, we don't deserve Ngozi Ukazu and Check Please is the only webseries worth loving thank you all goodnight.

Closed Captioning Services

Hello everyone!

Do you make YouTube videos? Would you like to have them closed captioned but you don’t have the time or energy to do it yourself?

If so, consider employing my services! I transcribe and caption videos. My captions are well timed, accurate, and do not include any unnecessary commentary that would impede comprehension.

I am currently charging $2 USD per minute of video (ex: if your video is 4 minutes long, it would cost $8 for me to caption it)

If you are interested in these services, please send me a private message and I’ll be happy to talk with you about the scope of the project and other such details

Hello! I would like to advertise captioning services. If anyone is looking to pay for someone to provide closed captions for their online videos or ongoing series, DM me to discuss the scope of the project and rates.

Captions are a necessary part of ALL content and should be included by default. If you're an online content creator who has not captioned their work, either do it yourself or talk to ja'el