Waffles, Mango and Tortellini

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My name is Waffles and I am a sulcata tortoise in Barrie, Ontario. I live with my sister Mango, a leopard tortoise and my brother Tortellini, a redfoot tortoise. www.wafflesandmango.com

Dear friends,

8 years ago I started a blog here and made lots of new friends. Then there were changes to Tumblr and my friends started to dissappear. Now I get very few likes and comments which makes me worry that my friends don't see me anymore. So I have decided to no longer post on Tumblr. Don't worry though, I am still posting on other platforms where we like to chat and have fun! Please come follow me and I promise you pics everyday and more access to me. See you there!

I'm on Instagram as @waffles_and_mango

Me and mom are playing with her new phone camera. Research and development will ensure that we give you the best pictures while I get the most snacks for being a good boy.

Best part of clover is clover flower. It like popcorn on stick.

If collard greens need a spokestort, I think I would be very good at it.

Mom is home so I no longer have to guard the house. It's nice to relax and just be a tort. Being a humom is hard.

Me an Pick done wit baby puppies so we go home. Mom say we make stop to meet new dogbeast Obi! He not that big and give us kiss an sniff. He move in Sunday so we make wormie cake for him.

I'm not all about wormies and tort kibble. I like to eat my greens too!

Mom take pictures of puppies. Puppies no stay still long and mombeast no like puppies take away so I be stand in and make sure picture set up good. I like dis hat.

July is almost over and that means 2/3 of summer is gone! I'm going to soak up all the sun I can until there are no more leaves on the trees.

Mom and the dragons are off delivering puppies but I'm staying home with dad to get work done. Not all lawn mowers mulch and when that happens, only tortoise power will do.

3 puppybeasts born last night. Pea stay up to deliver, so I stay to sit. Puppybeasts very squeaky an only eat an sleep. It good to be puppybeasts.

Dogbeast BG going have puppies soon. I wish luck and hope for healthy puppybeasts. Now I go steal her bed.

How do I get a door on my hut when I can't open and close it? Mom uses my baby blanket! It feels so soft on my head and smells like memories.

Omg!!! A wormie! On the carpet!!! Why can't I run any faster?!

Happiness is claiming the last bite.

Dogbeast Artemis would like to share longer. I no think there enough room for both.

17 more day until dogbeast Obi come home. He get bedroom to stay in like I do when mom not home. I check out to see if it comfortable like my home. It better.

Shade bush was getting unruly so me and mom gave it a trim. There was all sorts of dead stuff and tangled stuff and big branches with very few leaves on them so we took them all out! Now shade bush looks like s**t bush according to mom but it will look so nice once the new growth fills in. Until then, I'll eat the old growth.

My hatchday was at the beginning of the month but I still got a card from Kirby @thewhimsyturtle . I didn't want to disappoint Kirby so I took the advice and embraced my inner dinosaur during breakfast. Rawr!

I want outside! Mom open door or I make tantrum!

Much better.