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Introducing the VSCO x RAINS limited-edition long jacket, available now exclusively at vs.co/RAINS.

Inspired by Scandinavian weather and design heritage, Daniel Brix Hesselager and Philip Lotko founded RAINS — a Danish manufacturer of understated and considered rainwear. Their aesthetic, which champions functionality without sacrificing style and their spotlights on local artists and artisans, inspired us to create something together — a jacket that’s minimal, classic, and functional, with a touch of the unexpected.

Lookbook shot by Brian Kanagaki

Five photographers from the VSCO community worked with Marriott to visit and capture the people, lifestyle, and culture of several destinations with fresh eyes. The result — 5 new city guides in the form of moving image stories on Marriott’s VSCO. Get inspired and scratch that travel itch: vs.co/travelbrilliantly

There’s an athlete in everyone, no matter if it’s your day job, night activity, or early morning pick-up. PowerBar shares 5 stories from those who embrace the unexpected joy of sport on VSCO — vs.co/joyofsport

Follow along and share your own experiences with the joy of sport with #joyofsport to VSCO. Photographs by Daniel Shea, Jared Soares, Adrienne Grunwald and Samuel Bradley.

Introducing the limited edition free Nike Sportswear x VSCO preset — vs.co/nikesportswear To celebrate the release of the new Nike Tech Pack, Nike Sportswear partners with VSCO to create an exclusive, bold, duotone preset with strong black and red hues. Download the preset and share your moments of pushing boundaries — both in and out of the arena — to VSCO using the hashtag #techpack for a chance to be curated to Nike Sportswear’s VSCO collection.

MAX premieres Mothica's latest single, "Out of It" and explores the artist's unabashedly honest approach to express her true and at times vulnerable self through music and visual arts — vs.co/max_listen3

A VSCO Original | Photography by J O N C E

“Music is something where people try to really categorize it, and we’re really trying to make a point that you don’t need to do that.”

Majid Jordan for Venue Project — vs.co/majidjordan

A #VSCO Original

Photographs by: Geordie Wood Video by: Wilson Cameron

23.5 presents: I & I (A VSCO Original)

Taking its name from the axial tilt of the Earth, 23.5 is a #VSCO Original title that explores global perspectives. It’s first project, I & I, examines the origins of the Rastafari faith, and how it‘s expressed today through the modern cultural leaders of Jamaica. In the coming weeks, 23.5 will showcase a series of in-depth interviews, creative non-fiction essays, and immersive photography from I & I.

Read our interview with photographer Kelia Anne MacCluskey on taking portraits, now on #ACADEMY, a VSCO Original — http://vs.co/1vZtaa

Music by Sam Wishkoski & Steven Cheung

Founded in 2009 by longtime friends and ardent music fans Babak Khoshnoud and Will Abramson, Yours Truly is a creative collective committed to telling musician’s stories on musician’s terms. These intimate narratives not only give a sense of the music, but of the artist as well. This is a story of breaking down walls to understand the person behind the song.

Photography and footage by Yours Truly