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the possum always returns to the dumpster

“we need to stop treating kids as if they’re not real humans” and “we need to stop treating disabled people like children” are two ideas that are both true and can coexist

even if we started to treat kids with more respect and dignity… disabled people are not children. it is still bad to treat us as if we are kids, regardless of how well you treat a child

I had been looking for that book again because i remembered it had a great tiger in it, and I remembered correctly:

there’s still another tiger picture i’m trying to find again. similar style, but i believe it’s a woodcut and the tiger’s head is even more spherical.

is it this one

 Fierce Tiger Drawn from Life | Utagawa Kunimaro (1860)

it isn’t but that fucking rules

drawn from. life? hmm

It didn't say drawn accurately


writing sci fi is fucking exhausting bc i have a whole degree in aerospace systems now so my brain simply Will Not let me write a scene without doing the setting justice


me: they land on a planet

the part of my brain that remembers my airspace control and orbit mechanics courses: this is a trading planet so it would be high traffic, they’d be looking to avoid congestion. so they’d probably start in a graveyard orbit, assuming there’s some kind of air traffic control network in geostationary, and then it’d be a series of transfers down, they’d probably be waiting say eight hours for an appropriate transfer path? to they have any structures in low orbit? maybe an intercept and they just park in LEO? what happens if you don’t have standardised docking equipment? what if you need repairs? how about refuelling? what are they even using for fuel? would reusable/tradeable solar batteries work? could you park solar systems in geostationary for people just passing through? do they even need to land at all?

me: oh my fucking god get ON WITH IT


Yeah but the jixtaposition comedy of “oh you expected a Hollywood entrance? Yeah. Not until they call us back with our gate number.”


Trying to get people to understand that when I say "girl what" or "girl help" I am using girl in the exact same way I use dude. No gender just vibes. I said "girl just move" about Batman the other day


Like obviously if anybody is uncomfortable with being called girl or dude or king or any other traditionally gendered words I absolutely will not refer to them that way but. Girl is not referring to a woman inherently girl is like a brother to me


"gnc straight man being called a faggot doesn't experience homophobia" what the fuck are you talking about. there's absolutely no logic in anything like that. we have kids who literally killed themselves because of homophobic abuse in schools and you would dare to tell them it isn't homophobia that killed them because they weren't actually gay? insane. and so fucking cruel


I need some of y'all to remember this:

Oppression is not dictated by who you are, but by how the oppressor percieves you. You don't have to be a woman to be a victim of misogyny, you don't have to be gay to be a victim of homophobia.

theres a reason sikhs and hindu people murdered by islamophobes are on the list of islamophobic hate crimes, and its because the disgusting people who murder them ASSUME they're muslim. claiming those arent islamophobic hate crimes would be taking all the blame off of the attackers.

@oniongrass hope it’s ok I wanted as many ppl as possible to see these tags:

whiteness is a social construct and it’s the white supremacists constructing it. doesn’t mean white privilege isn’t real etc but it does mean you have to always be thinking critically about structures of power and intersectionality.


remembering so many people being like “well actually salt lamps don’t have any REAL benefits” as if having a pink glowing rock in the room is not a benefit. it helps me

I use one as a nightlight in the bathroom. The reddish glow is easier on the eyes for late night bathroom trips than a regular nightlight would be.

Also if I ever run out of table salt I have a back up.

Sometimes they lick it.

discourse in other fandoms: lgbtphobia or racism, ships, etc

discourse in stardew valley fandom: if you can fish without mods fuck you

I can and will fish without mods, somebody come fuck me

the absolute POWER behind this response has me fucking losing it

fish fear me, everyone in this thread desires me carnally

discourse in other fandoms: lgbtphobia or racism, ships, etc

discourse in stardew valley fandom: if you can fish without mods fuck you

I can and will fish without mods, somebody come fuck me

the absolute POWER behind this response has me fucking losing it

fish fear me, everyone in this thread desires me carnally

Warden: Okay, just gotta convince these people to help me defeat the Blight I guess.
Hawke: Everything is falling apart and 80% is my fault but you know what? I’ve stopped caring. *continues to crack inappropriate jokes at terrified citizens*
Inquisitor: Oh shit—uh...you sure you wanna give all the power to me? A random person? That you found in a ditch? Okay I guess...Um...I have no leadership experience?? Ok I guess I’ll just...make very important political decisions for the entirety of Thedas. Oh Maker. Oh fuck. What am I doing

Friends with benefits as a term is wasted on fuck buddies when it could be used to describe being friends with fanfic authors who let you read the next chapter before it gets posted

Friends who have really good gossip from work. Friends who bring the good leftovers. Friends who wear the same size clothes and have similar tastes. Friends who have A Knowledge and can tell you when to fix it yourself and when you REALLY need to call an actual electrician/plumber/exterminator/doctor/hairdresser.

When I am emperor, I will make everyone who refers to women’s leg hair removal as “basic hygiene” fight to the death in my coliseum.


finally it will be understood that I am doing it not for hygiene but for slut reasons

sluts are welcome in my empire, be they hairy or smooth

Confused, but cautiously willing to welcome these slippery people into my empire so long as I can put down some plastic drop clothes over the couches before they sit down, and provided they do not become evangelical or moralizing about their thigh slime. (Why stop at thighs? Why not emulate the valiant eel and opt for a full mucusoid coat?)

This probably refers to people whose thighs touch and chafe when they’re wearing shorts or skirts

Aww, and here I was planning an imperial holiday called Slime Fest, with mandatory public slimings.

Very well, anti-chafing measures are permissible. I want my subjects to be comfortable (when they are not fighting to the death obviously).

your highness can we still have slime fest?

*imperial majesty thx

Imperial majesty, can we still have the slime fest?


no I’m too sad that the eel people don’t exist and I shall declare an Imperial Day of Sulking instead

all are welcome

The imperial Majesty Sulking

for three hours each day we will open the doors of the palace to the public so that my subjects may view their emperor sulking about the eel people from the royal observation chamber

there will be hors d'oeuvre

Imperial Majesty, bring back Slime Fest or the people shall revolt

don’t threaten me with a good time