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You can call me Rev. In this house we love and respect the Shinsengumi and Takeda Shingen.

“Then you mean they should have been prepared to die for their cause when they went to war?”

... Yes... Chikage, that is... exactly what he is saying.

I... How...


Toshi is just like “stop circle-jerking over how great we are and get to work”.


Haku Kat-chan for equal rights.

Meanwhile Toshi is like “my guilt over your situation blinds me from being objective when it comes to your personal well-being, and also I am too good of a person who fusses too much over everyone to avoid objecting to you coming along, even if the choice is yours.”


Toshi is just like “stop circle-jerking over how great we are and get to work”.

God but does Hijikata ever have big dick energy, just stepping into the middle of the street to face down hundreds of men all alone.

Honestly, I would much rather be known as a man who cared far too much about things than someone who did not care at all.

I know I am a fairly divisive person, but I would rather have stood for something and felt fulfilled than stood for nothing at all to keep someone’s arbitrary definition of ‘the peace’.

How to get me to add a character to a list of characters I like:

Katsuyuki Konishi voices him.

He’s such a good man, guys.

I am one of his biggest fans and I will talk about him until I am blue in the face.

We know what happens if MC doesn’t forgive Shingen --

She goes and lives with Kenshin, never thinks about Kai again, and Shingen literally never pursues her in spite of knowing very much where she is. He could have gone after her at any moment to punish her, but didn’t. That means he recognizes the failure of his own actions and lets her live in peace because she deserves to be comfortable.

Furthermore, just because a decision in the writing HAS to happen in order to progress the story doesn’t mean that that decision has to be poorly written.

The problem with that entire scene is that it didn’t need to happen. It’s not in line with everything established about his character afterward and is a cheap way to reintroduce Kenshin into the common route in order to juxtapose him with Shingen.

Also, there are going to be inconsistencies in his character because his writing has been handled by multiple people. There’s nothing even saying that the common route was written by the same person as his actual route -- which should be the main source for the behavior of his character.

Regardless, though, it happened and they had to deal with it.

It doesn’t mean that the way they dealt with it was poorly written, inorganic, or inconsistent with his character. They couldn’t go and write the scene out for whatever reason, so they have to write around it and the WAY in which they choose to do so is extremely telling of his character.

If it really were just him excusing it because of his position of power, none of the other stuff would have been in there.

But they didn’t do that.

They went the extra mile to prove his contrition and how genuine he is as a person, and this is consistent with how he behaves later on in his route ... Making what happens in the common route an anomaly.

Listen, guys, I really am sorry for harping on this so much.

Like I’ve said before, this is a triggering subject for me and the entire situation being triggering isn’t really helpful. I’m saying this all as much for myself as I am for any of you, so please just bare with me.

If you don’t want to see me talk about this, block the tag ‘taiger’.

At this point if you’re actually serious about coming to some kind of understanding, please message me.

I’m sick of having this drama be drawn out across my dashboard and it’s getting to the point where it’s personally triggering to me.

I wasn’t going to touch on this, either, but for those of you who are curious children in the Sengoku period were basically living bargaining chips and it didn’t matter if they were boys or girls.

Taro (Shingen) was married to a girl for the first time when he was 12 and she was 14 because his father wanted to secure an alliance. This wasn’t even all that strange and a lot of your favorite warlords were probably married pretty damn young.

I’m not making excuses or saying that it didn’t damage people, but it’s the way it was and if we don’t acknowledge how fucked up that might make someone’s perception of themselves even in an idealized FANTASY version of the Sengoku that borrows heavily from the Edo era...

I don’t know, we kind of miss a big part of who the characters are.

Setting is important as it really does inform a lot of who a person is and what they become to be, and this is why “I don’t know any better because no one ever said no to me” isn’t JUST an excuse. It’s a reason, and a very good one, because his culture is so different from our modern cultures that we cannot really fully understand it unless we make a concerted effort to put ourselves in other people’s geta and zori.

This isn’t “just” a few hundred years ago.

Takeda Shingen was born before William Shakespeare, and not just a little bit before, but 43 years before. Hell, Henry VIII died when Takeda Shingen was 26 years old and we certainly don’t think of the Tudors as being particularly recent.

This was the 16th century, the very tail end of the medieval period, and Japan is a very different place than the west. You’re applying western morals to a place that didn’t have contact with Europe until 1543 when Shingen was born in 1521.

I get history being upsetting.

I cry and get upset about it very, very frequently.

But these people are not modern people, and though we should treat them with dignity and respect and acknowledge their rich personal lives, we also need to understand that their experiences informed their growth and development in different ways than we in a modern culture experience. Understanding that this is the historical era that the idealized version our favorite fictional renditions of this characters live in can help us understand why certain writing choices we maybe don’t agree with 100% were made.

These things aren’t as simple as they seem at first glance and they take a lot of consideration for writers to put together. The least we can do is make an attempt to understand the cultural context it was written with.

Samurai Love Ballad Party (Takeda Shingen): Unsafe

Hi, everyone! Mod Jewel back with yet another write up about an otome route I found terrible!

This time, we’re going into Samurai Love Ballad Party, where I will be tackling Shingen’s route and my own thoughts and warnings about it!

Here we go. This one’s a doozy.

What, you ask, could possibly draw Toshi back from his mysterious tumblr absence after he had finally escaped the clutches of the hellish bowels of this blue website?

People politely taking the piss out of Shingen, of course.

Now first of all, I want to start out by giving you a bit of Necessary Information and a bit of a disclaimer. I’m not saying anyone has to feel comfortable with Shingen or his route or even like him as a character. I get why his route would make people uncomfortable and why he himself might make people uncomfortable. I have an issue with Ieyasu myself and consider his route personally unsafe for me. His is not a route I will be replaying any time soon even though I respect and acknowledge why he is important and personal for so many people.

I am also a victim of sexual assault and rape, which I do not disclose because I am personally comfortable doing so but so you take me more seriously. I’ve learned to speak in the language this website takes seriously and if I’m going to be clearing up the misconceptions this post might give people about Shingen, I need to make sure you know I’m not speaking from a place of personal inexperience.

But at the end of the day, this argument is going to be made with analytical ability and not my credentials as I attempt to clear up the misconceptions a lot of people have about Tenka Shingen due to them taking fanon as gospel over canon and letting it color their impressions of him.

So without further ado, here you have it –

A Defense of Takeda Shingen by a man who loves and relates to him.

Warning: It’s super fucking long. Like, really… Really long.

that sure is a lot of words when all you needed to say was “i think it’s fine that this route is about a (young) girl falling in love with the (much older) man that tried to rape her”

there. just wrapped it up real nice for you.


As another victim of rape and sexual assault, and Shingen sympathizer I can confirm this person ^ clearly didn’t read shit of Toshi’s analysis.

But sure, pal, just call out OP as a “rape apologist”. To be painfully honest, it’s nobody’s fault your reading skills and comprehension are non-existent but… well, entirely yours, to be blunt.

However, what I believe it’s truly hurtful and even dangerous coming from this arrogant and incredibly uncalled for opinion, is that this user is calling out not just OP, but practically all Shingen fans and real-life victims of sexual assault / rape as not just “rape apologists”, but “rape fetishists”. Which I’ll say, I don’t really know which is worse - probably both are in their own tragic and horrid sense. 

I won’t explain the customs of the 16th century in Japan, just as I won’t explain the true role of a daimyo. I’m absolutely in no obligation to educate anyone. But, next time someone as this user merely implicates I’m a sort of “rape apologist” or “rape fetishist” I’m going to fucking set them apart from my fandom due to their horrid toxicity - because my fandoms are my community, and like fucking hell I’ll allow these people to roam about in them, popularity and whatever contribution be damned. 

If you don’t like an opinion or don’t relate to it, don’t read. It truly is as simple as that. And if you really, really feel the so inevitable need to debate and discuss, at least have the decency of fucking read the entire argument, investigate, lecture yourself and respect other’s opinions before calling people out and disregarding an entire community. 

I’ll start by saying that I’m the original OP of this post, the person you are defending (@vicecommanderhijikata) was responding to me.

Second, it’s a bit weird and disturbing that you would immediately jump to mentioning history and customs as a defense for what happened on the way to Shingen’s route. The implication that rape is historically accurate and, as a result of that, it’s fine to include it, is wrong. Rape is rape is rape; it doesn’t matter what time period it is, especially in a fictional setting where writers have control over the content they write and don’t have to include it at all.

Also, you’re last paragraph is weird since you’re adding onto my post. You can’t tell people, essentially, “don’t like; don’t read!” about an addition to someone else’s (read: my) post ; it doesn’t work that way. It’s also interesting that you talk about respecting other’s opinions when you don’t even make an attempt to respect mine or @apocalypsegay‘s opinion at all. 

I’m not saying that you’re a bad person for liking Shingen as a character, but please just allow people to be uncomfortable and not like him, without implying that it’s somehow wrong to do that.


Firstly - I replied to this post because, as a matter of fact, I respect and agree with both opinions. That includes yours, @safevisualnovels. I do am sorry for having written “OP” when in truth I wasn’t mentioning you over there, but was talking about the response below. That’s on me, I just realized my typo, and my bad.

Now secondly, when it comes to respecting your opinion and elaboration, I actually do, and even agree with some of your statements. I also find it to be a product of bad writing all along and tremendously uncomfortable for some people, myself included. 

Now, what I stand firm on is that this user apocalypsegay wasn’t in absolutely any entitlement nor right to have said what they said. To put it bluntly, they just called Toshi a rape apologist and fetishist, and therefore myself for supporting and agreeing with his opinion. And no, this person’s reply wasn’t even an opinion, just a means to insult, degrade and completely disrespect a perfectly fine response to your post like Toshi’s. So… hell no, I’m putting my foot there, and won’t accept that by any means.  

And while we’re at it: If you say that “rape is rape, no matter the period, especially in a fictional setting where writers have control over the content they write”, then I ask you with all sincerity: Did you even play another route from SLBP or just decided to go tackle the “controversial” one? 

Not saying you shouldn’t have done this, you do you! But honestly and in regards of writing to be more specific - and why you wrote that post in the first place - while Shingen’s route uses this issue as a plot device, literally half the suitors have tried in one way or another to emotionally, physically and/or verbally abuse, rape, dishonor and degrade the main character. So I’ll say it’s a recurrent topic in the setting of this otome game.  In fact, Toshi elaborated and so kindly added screenshots on how Shingen gave a heartfelt and genuine apology to his actions; something you, OP, sadly addressed pretty vaguely - and is troubling, I dare say, considering that’s the base of your argument.  Sure, you as a reader may still disregard this apology from Shingen - and I would agree and respect you if you did - but in the story that’s how the writers acted to solve the problem and could add his relationship with the main character to delve into a romantic setting. Again, it’s bad writing, could have been done better, but I believe we’re all agreeing to this, right? 

Finally - people sure are allowed to be uncomfortable, triggered and upset with the topics of Shingen’s route. But what is truly wrong and unacceptable not just here, but in no community at all is to insult and degrade people who still give the story a chance as the user apocalypsegay did in this specific case.  Characters and stories of any kind are truly important for many people - it’s a means to relate, cope, survive and even enjoy and have fun with. 

If you don’t enjoy nor like certain content or a response someone else spend time of their life to elaborate on, it’s only respectful to scroll past and go on your own business. That’s where the rule of Don’t Like Don’t Read applies. And if this still fails, then do so without being a fucking asshole about it. 

I have to wonder if you even read my post at all because at no point did I disrespect you or your opinion. In fact, I even said I didn’t reblog this to try to change your mind or the mind of anyone who had already made up their mind about him, which is plenty of people. My post was to show people who are more on the fence about it and are fine confronting the scene for the single time the have to play it, or have already played the scene and are maybe looking to give him a second chance, a bit of a new perspective of him.

I do think you’re factually wrong on the kind of person that Takeda Shingen is, but your emotional response can’t be wrong and is 100% valid. I would never sit down and force you or anyone else who is uncomfortable with that part of his route to read it.

I even said that what he does is wrong and called it bad writing, as it is not a decision I personally agree with and I do not think it is in line with everything else we know about his character. However, it does exist and as it exists we have to deal with it as fans. It’s a reality we live with, and I do like and relate to this character a great deal because he struggles with some of the same things I struggle with as the child of a particularly controlling and aggressive parent.

I provided plenty of factual evidence as to why I believe his apology is sincere and that he is a mature person and in no way attacked anyone who might happen to disagree with me. As a rape and sexual assault victim myself, I understand how sensitive these things can be. That is specifically why I did not share screenshots of the scene in question even though I have then on hand, and I said as much in my essay.

@shogetsus was just defending my point of view and maybe providing a TLDR for people who didn’t read it. They did nothing wrong and were angry by the way the other user was treating me like an absolute monster ... Quite clearly without having read anything I actually said, and in the process deligitmizing my experience as a survivor.

Outside of disagreeing with your opinion on the kind of person Shingen is, I have literally no issue with anything you said and even agree that his route isn’t safe for everyone. It’s not a route I would recommend every person play, even if it is personal to me. The only person in this entire exchange that I thought in any way was a dick was the user who initially responded to my post like I am the spawn of satan for liking a fictional character.

I’m really sick of how out of hand this has gotten, and in a lot of ways it does go to show how liking him is seen as morally reprehensible in this fandom and how any discussion about the scene is used to demonize him ... Even though there are characters who perpetrate more severe and prolonged abuse and are never called out for it and even glorified in fandom. That in and of itself I could deal with, but there is a clear double standard and dislike and mischaracterization of Shingen has lead to me and others personally being demonized.

I’ve been through too much of this shit to put up with it from anyone any longer, and though I know that wasn’t your intent to do that and you were just trying to help people make informed decisions to protect themselves there is still a clear bias and tone of condemnation in your post towards the character himself ... And with the current culture, that might well extend to his fans, as well.

All I was doing was showing the other side of this argument and giving the uncertain and neutral a chance to see him in a different light and I would appreciate if you could practice what you preach and give me the respect you are demanding I show you -- A respect I have already extended to you.


I just want to place my hands on the side of people’s face

and be like

“death of the author -- like literally death of the author, I can interpret it without considering the author at all”

oh and also

“I look at the characters in stories as being actual people instead of constructs and that’s it that’s literally the entire secret of my analytical ability because i consider how they’d actually act and assume that the intent of the author was to make them act as much like people as possible in order to impact their audience more”


I don’t

really care about your BUT THE AUTHOR WAS *INSERT THING I DON’T LIKE HERE* arguments because i’m not arguing based on that framework

and just like you never acknowledge my framework

I don’t have to acknowledge yours

Funny how that works.