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Write something clever. . . . . . If you would ever need fast recovery of muscles/bones after injury - consider Traumeel. Traumeel made my life easier after chipped spine bone in 2018. Tablets, crème or liquid drops Or Arnica crème. It does magic in 3D. EN-JOY YOUR-self-Evolution #clever #wisdom #traumeel https://www.instagram.com/p/CZMzuvYpgs8/?utm_medium=tumblr

Let it...... GO....... AFTER MY last burn out at my Job my therapist said: "Do anything what brings you RELIEVE" So I did! What works for me? Hiking, walking, breathwork, baking, skating β›Έ, movement, nature observing. What helps you? @enjoy.yourself.evolution #skating #walking #hiking #movement #relieve #kitchener #waterloo https://www.instagram.com/p/CZHkKhQLZrf/?utm_medium=tumblr

-14°C no problem (feeling like - 20°C for humans) #somavedic traveler from 2018 handle 4th winter in Canada 🍁 without problems. Feng shui vibes everywhere I go. Great company for this earthly 🌎 adventure. EN-JOY YOUR-self-Evolution #adventure #somavediccrew #feelbetterlivebetter #fengshui (at Ontario) https://www.instagram.com/p/CY9EOMyrXc8/?utm_medium=tumblr

How do you spend your winter? "Morning people" are enjoying the entire ice skating ring for themselves and for FREE πŸ˜‚ Nice freedom during these times. How do you create feeling of freedom? EN-JOY YOUR-self-Evolution @enjoy.yourself.evolution #ice #iceskating #free #freedom https://www.instagram.com/p/CYq7zidr5qo/?utm_medium=tumblr

After outdoor time - hot cocoa with cinnamon works magic. What is your favourite beverage? Don't forget to charge it by Somavedic 😊 EN-JOY YOUR-self-Evolution #outdoor #snowangel https://www.instagram.com/p/CYofXKwLkF5/?utm_medium=tumblr

English language and quotes. English was and still partially is challenge for me to - say what I mean and mean what I say. But I am sure that after time it gets better and better. EN-JOY YOUR-self-Evolution β˜€ @enjoy.yourself.evolution #saywhatyoumean #meanwhatyousay #english #proverb #meaning https://www.instagram.com/p/CYeG72FrWaA/?utm_medium=tumblr

What keeps me sane? In these days definitely Pan Gu mystical Qigong what was introduced to me by @chrisbaleawakened Then bug change happened to me with starting morning cold shower 🚿 Breathwork and music 🎢 🎢 🎢. What keeps you sane? EN-JOY YOUR-self-Evolution β˜€ https://www.instagram.com/p/CYbX_kvrwaX/?utm_medium=tumblr

Wow..... 1year of transformation with alcaline water is already behind. Did you know that not all water is the same? Did you know that there is micro-clustered water that is easier for the body to absorb? That alkalized water has so many health benefits and is WAY different than alkaline water? . . . I’m writting about the power of structured Kangen Water. πŸ’¦ What Kangen water does? Using different pH’s of water can replace household cleaners, laundry softener, clean pesticides from fruits and veggies. Since I made the investment in my own health and the health of my home, I can only say amazing things about it! I am even heading on a vacation and taking it with me. Only the best goes in my body on my healing journey. Know more? Have a look on Kangen Water. Would you like taste for yourself 8.5pH or 9.5pH? Dm me for scheduled appointment so you can pick up your jug for FREE. EN-JOY YOUR-self-Evolution #kangenwater #enagic #healthylifestyle #alcalinewater #structuredwater #ph #lifestyle #kitchener #waterloo (at Kitchener, Ontario) https://www.instagram.com/p/CYR1tzVJf0n/?utm_medium=tumblr

My micro management for success was reminding me in the calendar that every 6-8 weeks I should introduce myself. πŸ˜‚ Hi! humans πŸ˜€ . . . Veronika Gold is the healer and artist with passion for music and wisdom. Her skills of intuitive healing and devotion for evolution creates ripple effects in the energy field which transforms many. Her ability to spontaneously improvise with music brings energies on the planet and heals her. Once her gifts with talents and creations are shared, it heals others as well. Veronika has studied earthly skills such as: Music school, Hypnotherapy, Bowen therapy, Energy codes and becoming a Reiki Master. On her earthly journey she plays roles of student, teacher, friend, mother, lover, helper, business partner, entrepreneur, artist, improvizator, embodied feminine, inner child support maker and masculine embracer. Her passion for nature and environment inspired her to continue using zero waste strategies at home, sustainable living with quality filtered and energised water, including a feng shui environment - harmonized by Somavedic. How she cares about her Body-Mind-Spirit is inspirational for her clients and friends. En-JOY YOUR-self-Evolution #bio #bodymindspirit #selfcare #selflovejourney #selfcareeveryday #transformation #artist #fengshui #change #canada #ontario #kitchener #waterloo #enjoyyourselfevolution #alternativehealing (at Kitchener, Ontario) https://www.instagram.com/enjoy.yourself.evolution/p/CYMNbBOrgwP/?utm_medium=tumblr

"I wish Merry Christmas to all of you (or whatever holiday resonate with you) and who knows, maybe see you in 2022 on some following events or sharing some conversations in this virtual network place." I am taking virtual holidays to unplug πŸ”Œ from social scrolling down. πŸ˜‚ EN-JOY YOUR-self-Evolution β˜€ https://www.instagram.com/p/CXoT4rprTuk/?utm_medium=tumblr

3rd Advent Week What are you looking for? What are you grateful for? I am looking for my Osteopath treatment. And I am grateful that I have resources what I can use to be served by others. @enjoy.yourself.evolution https://www.instagram.com/p/CXbXRi1rdo_/?utm_medium=tumblr

Inner child ride (at Huron Natural Area) https://www.instagram.com/enjoy.yourself.evolution/p/CXW_JjyJTMD/?utm_medium=tumblr

Healing moment (Inner child) 18th December 4pm in Open Mind wellness center #kitchener What to Expect? - Live music by Veronika - Drumming circle to beat out frustration (5-10mins) - Brain yoga exercise - breathing exercise - kids will have a 15mins to create very basic drum πŸ₯ from junk/cans/plastic And little "surprise" ☯️ Fee is $15CAD per person Bring yoga mat and pillow so you can sit down/ lay down while we do interactive exercises. Meet me in Open mind wellness at 4pm. Ending of event 5pm. (Parent with kids are allowed to leave earlier if kid ask for that πŸ˜‰). This event is also open for parents with kids (1-4 grade). Kids are welcome to join too because they are part of the community. Me as mom I know how it feels to find babysitter for event or stay home. 🌞 DM me if you are interested so I can fill 15 open spots with open minded people who wants to experience "inner child" event. #waterloo #event #innerchild (at Kitchener, Ontario) https://www.instagram.com/p/CXUtzMFMnLy/?utm_medium=tumblr