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I hope you still access this blog! I watched your Necropolis edit recently and I was absolutely blown away by it. Your editing choices were sublime. Where you placed the massacre reveal was perfection. The extended and deleted scenes you included added exactly the right amount of depth. I greatly admire the huge amount of love and effort that went into this art piece. Thank you for sharing it.


I have no idea when this was sent to me. I still have access to this blog, indeed. I wanted to thank you, sincerely. It means a lot. I am still very much into video editing, and have three (or maybe four) upcoming projects. Subscribe to my channel from the Necropolis trailer to find out more.

A modern scifi epic crashes in a horror film of the 30′s. 

A year ago I started working on my own cut of Covenant, after some fans made me realize how beautiful the movie is in black and white. It makes a lot of sense considering the film has a near monochrome color palettes all along. Covenant is also a film with incredible lighting techniques, most of people's faces are in the shadows, so I wanted to highlight that too. The contrast is boosted up for this reason. The whole is reminiscent, at least to me, of a Gustave Doré illustration of Paradise Lost or Divine Comedy, and a perfect match for the strong gothic horror vibe of the film. So here are the motives behind the project.... now what is different from other fan cuts ;

A L I E N : COVENANT - The Necropolis Edition is not any longer than the regular movie. In fact, the two hours and three minutes runtime is perfectly intact. Yet, it features much of the extra footage not featured in the film. Before the film, we get a wonderful commercial with 'Meet Walter' which I played with a little, to include I Feel You's most intense moment. The movie opens with the extended 'birth' of David, then follows with The Crossing, as to really add suspense to the Prometheus Mystery. I actually removed some moments for the disposable characters. I understand they were given more focus to be relatable and more interesting, which I think they are, but Necropolis focuses on David. David is the main character of Covenant. Now with the movie opening with The Crossing, and ending with Advent (which I edited for fluidity), we set David as the narrator, and it has a lot of impact on the final product. You feel his presence through the entire movie, though he is absent for a large part. Another thing I did is move The Destruction of the Engineers to a later time. I know it's a risky decision, but it was the right one for this edition, as we follow a more traditional path towards big revelations coming at the end. Some scenes feature alternate shots from either trailers or deleted scenes, but other than Walter reporting on David and Rosenthal’s death being much slower (for the pure horror vibe), I have not added so much. Again, my goal was not to present everything there is to show about Covenant, but a focused and dark film about creation and destruction in which there is no hope, and a fun way to visually rediscover Covenant for everything it does beautifully. It's not as good as the original film and some extended editions, but it's the direction I aimed for anyway. In no way do I believe what I am doing is better than what professional workers have done on the real film. This was made for fun, mostly. Thank you. Feedback is appreciated! 

Happy 1st Anniversary, Alien: Covenant. WWW.USCSS-PROMETHEUS.TUMBLR.COM 

UPDATE as of 01/13/2019: >The Necropolis Edition < is available again. Google Drive allows you to watch on any device. I reworked it entirely from scratch, making it darker and better. It's the final version, for now. 

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Prometheus dared presenting answers to the most unfathomable questions we are capable of asking ourselves. It was fearless and did not aim to please. It was made with its own vision and goals. No one can take that away, not even by mentioning every single flaw the movie has. Fight me.

On this day in 1990 Peter Weyland is born

His mother is an Oxford Educated Professor, during her time travelling through India while studying Vedic Literature and comparing Brahma is sometimes identified with the Vedic god Prajapati, linked to Kama and Hiranyagarbha (the cosmic egg).

His father a self taught Engineer having settled in India after the Pampan Bridge suffered severe damage in 1964.

Part I / VI

A glimpse into the heart of Paradise and its angels. The plaza is filled with angels, ready to greet the new comers. The plaza, the landing bay at its center, the cathedral, the ship’s curve and the ampules about to launch all form circles. The circles of Paradise... but also of Hell, which are also found through the crew’s journey. Here, they are brought to Paradise and put together by David, upon his arrival. These inspirations seem to be strictly visual, as it makes several chapters of the book collapse with each other... Hell unleashed in Paradise. 

Gustave Doré for Dante’s Divine Comedy

Part I / II

It was @muthur9000 who made the connection between the ghostly cries of the infernal hurricane early in Dante’s Inferno and the distorted singing of David’s broadcast recording of Elizabeth, but this is also represented visually. 

They speak of a place very dark. And again, the circles of Hell. The circling hurricane. The pulsing circles that light up the darkness, those of moaning spirits, now long dead...

Gustave Doré for Dante’s Divine Comedy
Every moment mortals died, by shipwreck and sword, by wild beasts and wild men, by illness, neglect, and age. It was their fate, as Prometheus had told me, the story that they all shared. No matter how vivid they were in life, no matter how brilliant, no matter the wonders they made, they came to dust and smoke.
Madeline Miller // Circe